FXVC Review

Right up front, FXVC will show you their regulation information in hopes of gaining the trust of traders. I have to admit - I’ve never seen this before among the trading platforms. I was even a bit confused about it.- Read full review

Richmond Super Review

Today, you have a chance to find out everything about RichmondSuper. Read our review and learn all about this broker.- Read full review

Arrowteks Review

Arrowteks is a long-standing FX and CFD brokerage firm that offers a unique approach to its clients.- Read full review

Stockscm Review

When it comes to new and exciting platforms that are emerging, Stockscm has immediately caught my attention. And don’t get me wrong, I’m not the one to jump on the band wagon whenever a new thing comes up. - Read full review


Everyone is raving about this new cryptocurrency exchange brand called Conshype. What is it all about?- Read full review


Walton Chase looks like a legitimate CFD broker that offers numerous things to clients. Today we will see if they really are someone you can trust.- Read full review

London Gates Review

London-Gates is an established and successful trading company based in one of the most prominent trading areas of the world.- Read full review

Top Market Cap Review

If you are looking for a new Forex broker, TopMarketCap is our recommendation. Let’s show you why.- Read full review

Golden Gate Review

Perfect trading conditions, excellent education and constant support. That’s just a small part of Golden Gate’s service.- Read full review


Securedvc is a new kid on the trading block, let’s check out if its worthy of the clients’ time and commitment.- Read full review

365 Trading FX Broker Review

365 Trading FX is your next go-to company for trading a wide variety of assets, from CFDs to cryptocurrencies and currency pairs.- Read full review

MyTradingCollege Review

MyTradingCollege is an up and coming trading academy for all things related to trading on the market that is aimed to improve your trading experience.- Read full review

AussieTrust Review

If you’re living in the sunny, warm continent of the “Land Down Under” otherwise known as Australia, AussieTrust is the name you should know.- Read full review

yorkcg review

YorkCG is a platform that has a clear goal in mind - delivering top-level investment opportunities to clients.- Read full review

e toro review

E Toro is a classic fintech startup that has led the innovation cycle within the finance world for the last couple of years. So, what went wrong?- Read full review

ForexMart Review

ForexMart claims to have excellent conditions. In this review, we will see if those conditions are really good or not.- Read full review

Iron bits Review

Iron-bits is one of the market leaders in the area of trading stocks, currency pairs and commodities.- Read full review

The Investment Center

Is the Investment Center the next big thing in the global financial markets? It sure seems like it!- Read full review

Infinity Capital Review

Infinity Capital provides a good trading offering both beginner and veteran traders alike, with a wide range of markets and tools at your disposal.- Read full review

Carter Williams Broker Review

Have you heard about Carter Williams yet? You should get acquainted with it, and fast! Keep reading this review to learn why.- Read full review

CV Markets Broker Review

CV Markets is a legitimate name in the trading business that contributes to the industry in so many ways.- Read full review

TradeFXP review

TradeFXP is a broker that was able to establish a name on the market despite being unregulated for over 5 years.- Read full review

forex broker review

After initially hitting a major bump with my very first broker-who-shall-not-be-named (they aren’t even worthy of a mention), I have decided to try out some other brokers on the market. Hey, you can say what you want about me, but I am no quitter!- Read full review

FXTM Review

When FXTM was first founded, the goal for the company was to combine the love for trading and trying your luck with the natural affinity that many people have towards engaging into something that will run their emotions wild. - Read full review

Daxbase review

Daxbase is one of the leading CFD trading brokers, with many appealing bonuses and other perks for their trusted clients.- Read full review


PRIME XBT offers cryptocurrency and CFD trading on its platforms. Read the review to find out if they are worthy of your time and money.- Read full review

CryptoRocket review

In an ever-growing marketplace, it is crucial to find a broker that offers good trading conditions. So, can CryptoRocket be your perfect choice? You will find out today.- Read full review

LQD FX Review

Read our LQD FX review and find out whether this Forex broker is a good choice for traders or not.- Read full review

Royal Capital Pro Review

Royal Capital Pro is a well-known broker with years of experience. But is that enough? Let’s find out together.- Read full review

JAFX review

JAFX is a broker that offers a great selection of cryptocurrencies. But does that make them a good choice for traders? Let’s find out.- Read full review

best forex broker review

RoyalsFX is an unregulated broker from Switzerland. They offer many possibilities to their clients, so let’s see whether all of that is worth taking a risk.- Read full review

Topstep FX review

Topstep FX provides a new way of trading with high leverage and better chances to profit.- Read full review

Easy Line Pro review

Easy Line Pro promises a powerful platform with a lot of features and a wide selection of account types. Is it true? Let’s find out.- Read full review

OspreyFX review

The Internet is full of brokers, but it is extremely hard to find trustworthy ones. Let’s see if we can end our search with OspreyFX.- Read full review

OMC Markets Review

OMC Markets is an unregulated FX and CFD broker based in Bulgaria. Read our review to learn all about it. - Read full review

EagleFX review

What can you expect from trading with EagleFX? Our EagleFX review aims to find out everything about this new online brokerage, its platform, trading conditions and support systems.- Read full review

Aza FX Review

What do you know about Aza FX? Let’s do a research together, to see if this broker deserves your trust.- Read full review

Hugosway review

Can you trust this offshore broker? Read our Hugosway review as we uncover all of its strengths and weaknesses.- Read full review

Evolve Markets Review

By the end of our Evolve Markets review you will know for sure whether your funds are safe with this broker or not.- Read full review

Turnkey Forex Review

Turnkey Forex has a lot of bonus offerings. But is that enough to open an account and become a client? Let’s see.- Read full review

FiNMAX Review

Find out in our in-depth review everything about FiNMAX. Regulation, trading conditions, deposit methods and much more.- Read full review

CFreserve review

CFreserve takes pride in offering clients the widest variety of cryptocurrency trading options.- Read full review

Solidary Markets review

Solidary Markets aims to become the number one spot for all your trading needs. Is it well prepared for success?- Read full review

Amega FX review

Amega FX gives you a chance to trade top-leading assets including CFDs, Forex and Commodities.- Read full review

AAFX Trading Review

AAFX Trading is a company with a lot of misleading information, as well as some good features that shouldn’t be disregarded.- Read full review

Forex Profita Review

If you are seeking help with Forex signals, keep reading to find out if Forex Profita is the right place for you.- Read full review

forex review

Deep diving into one of the so-called most reputable brokers have shown quite grim results and scams FX Pro made over the years.- Read full review

Close Option Review

CloseOption is a binary options broker that received a lot of bad reputation lately. Read our review to find out whether it was deserved. - Read full review

FX Brew Review

After trading with FXBrew for weeks, we are unveiling all of its benefits and drawbacks in this detailed review. - Read full review

Ayrex Review

Ayrex is a binary options trading company that is trying hard to become your number one choice on the market.- Read full review

Vide Forex Review

Vide Forex is an unregulated broker that tries quite hard to hide this fact, as well as some other key information about its origin.- Read full review

best forex broker review

A detailed look into one of the most mentioned brokers in 2020, with all the benefits and downsides.- Read full review

Libra Markets review

How does an unregulated broker manage to stay afloat in the trading community?- Read full review

Original Crypto Review

In this Original Crypto Review, we examine if this atypical Bulgarian brokerage firm is trustworthy.- Read full review

PrimeXQ review

IPrimeXQ appears to be a promising CFD broker. But is it ready to keep up with its promises? Let’s find out- Read full review

Capital FX Plus review

Capital FX Club offers a variety of Forex pairs, Indices, CFDs and Commodities. But is that enough, or will you need more? Let’s find out.- Read full review

Eight Max Review

Is Eight Max Trading a Forex broker you can trust? Read our in-depth review and find out.- Read full review

GigaFX Review

In this GigaFX review we will compare everything this broker offers to see if it is worth your time or not.- Read full review

SinoSoft FX Review

SinoSoft FX is an award-winning broker from Dubai. But are there any notable advantages this broker offers? Let’s see.- Read full review

LMFX Review

Detailed LMFX review is a must read if you are considering investing your money. Scam or not? Find out at the end of our review. - Read full review

Doo Prime Review

Doo Prime offers the popular MT5 trading platform. Numerous Stocks and other CFDs. But is that all? Let’s find out.- Read full review

TD Ameritrade Review

TD Ameritrade has been named one of the most prominent broker companies in 2020. How much of it is well earned?- Read full review

best forex broker review

City Index is one of the oldest and most reliable trading brokers, founded back in 1983. It is a part of the company GAIN Capital, which is listed on the New York Stock Exchange. It is also regulated by three of the most reputable regulatory bodies.- Read full review

best forex broker review

Fx On Us is a questionable broker that lacks a lot of basic information that is crucial to the clients.- Read full review

coinexx review

Join us as we take a closer look into everything Coinexx has to offer. Discover all pros and cons of their operations - Read full review


A closer look into one of the most praised trading platforms out there. Is that image really honest?- Read full review

best forex broker review

Safety is the number one concern for every Forex trader. So, can you feel safe and secure if you open an account with WDC Markets? Let’s see.- Read full review

CT Trade review

CT Trade is a broker that doesn’t make a lot of promises to clients. So, does that mean they have nothing to offer? You will find out today.- Read full review

ProFX Market Review

ProFX Market is a Forex broker with very questionable trading terms. Why? Read our review to find out.- Read full review

CryptoAltum Review

CryptoAltum is a broker with more than 60 crypto pairs. But what else does it have to offer? Let’s find out together.- Read full review

XTB Review

One of the main advantages of the XTB trading broker that would initially drag you deep into their scamming ways is that it ensures top quality safety. - Read full review

ZX Markets Review

One of the main advantages of the XTB trading broker that would initially drag you deep into their scamming ways is that it ensures top quality safety. - Read full review

Ava trade Review

Ava Trade is one of the longest-lasting brokerages specialized in CFD trading. How true are these words, exactly?- Read full review

Trade 360 Review

Trade 360 is a unique platform that seems to be marching to its own drum, but is it actually working for its clients? - Read full review

Euro Prime Review

The Euro Prime trading platform offers some of the worst leverage for their clients in the entire trading community.- Read full review

best forex broker review

ChoiceTrade review takes you on an in-depth tour of the mind of one of the most successful brokerages today.- Read full review

TradeStation Review

TradeStation is a name everyone knows in the area of providing trading services for clients across the globe.- Read full review

United Markets Capital Review

United Markets Capital is a broker that is blacklisted by some of the most reputable regulatory bodies and authorities..- Read full review

TradInvestor Review

TradInvestor is one of the emerging brokers for trading CFDs and FX pairs on premium trading conditions.- Read full review

RC Pro review

RC Pro was established back in 2018, and has since drawn quite a backlash for fraudulent activities and scamming their clients.- Read full review

S2trade Review

S2trade is one of those European trading companies that are established off-shore, meaning they get away with a lot of shady things.- Read full review

Capital GMA review

In our review, we discover whether Capital GMA is a scam or not. Find out if this broker is suitable for modern traders.- Read full review

Richmond FG review

Richmond FG is a company that hides behind the status of a financial group and is blacklisted by the Financial Conduct Authority.- Read full review

Trade Capital Review

Trade Capital is a questionable broker with a shady history in the world of CFD and Forex trading.- Read full review

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FXVC 87.5% 89% 88% 92% 83% 78% 97%
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SECUREDVC 82% 80% 81.5% 73% 96% 81% 78%
24OPTION 80% 78% 79% 84% 68% 89% 76%
Stockscm 77% 79% 78% 80% 75% 65% 86%
FX PRO 76% 74% 75% 73% 80% 83% 67%
YORKCG 75% 73% 74% 82% 77% 65% 79%
FXTM 74% 72% 73% 65% 73% 81% 77%
XTB 36% 39% 37.5% 37% 25% 37% 46%
City Index 34% 37% 33.5% 26% 29% 40% 39%