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After initially hitting a major bump with my very first broker-who-shall-not-be-named (they aren’t even worthy of a mention), I have decided to try out some other brokers on the market. Hey, you can say what you want about me, but I am no quitter! So, as consistent as I am, impatient at times, I had a goal - to prove a point. To myself, to my friends, heck, even to the trading community out there, waiting for me! I will find a platform for my dreams and nothing will stop me on that road.

So, how did I stumble upon 24option? I was pretty discouraged after hitting a snag on my first try, don’t get me wrong. But one thing my dad always taught me is that if at first, I don’t succeed, you can bet I will keep on trying until my luck turns around. Luckily, I took his advice this time, too. And, after a long time searching and failing, I finally found my safe haven.

And no, that was not 24option. “Then why the heck would you start the story like this, Dan? Where is your recommendation for a trusted platform, Dan? Why am I reading this, Dan?” Woah there, hold your horses, everybody!

In all honesty, I have just demonstrated you first-hand how 24option platform works. They wrap you up in a blanket of sob stories and heartfelt messages, so they can drag you deep into their pit of despair. Hey, don’t get mad at me for just pointing out the truth! After all, this is why you came on this website, right?

Platform and Execution SCORE: 84%

Originally, 24option, as the name would suggest, offered mainly binary options. This was way back when they were established in 2008. However, times have changed for the better, so 24option kept up! As a result, they have since jumped on the Forex wagon, and they are now offering clients the opportunity to trade CFDs. As more time passed, the binary options disappeared from the platform completely. And good riddance to them! Personally, I never like that type of trading. Luckily, 24option also developed its own proprietary platform, which is much more suitable for CFD trading.

But still, the difficulty with such impeccably designed platforms is, they usually have something to hide. Now, I am not pointing any fingers, just giving you my personal experience. And that is – the glittery letters are not enough to hide the scam that is going on behind the scenes. Mark my words – platforms like this are seconds away from shattering and accidentally revealing their fraudulent pasts!

This app takes a somewhat different approach that clients genuinely like and respond too. I know I did! Mainly, it helps you become the best Forex trader you can be. It assesses all of your strengths and weaknesses and tries to adjust them to your trading needs and desires. I remember this was the very first thing that attracted me to this app in the first place. Luckily, the fraud was soon discovered (once again) as I kept researching the platform. But I will get to that, too.

Withdrawal Speed SCORE: 68%

Similar to its competitors, 24option aims to gain speed and efficiency. With that, the app can easily transfer those abilities to each one of their clients and their portfolios. So, the amazing thing about this platform is that it allows you to execute your withdrawal in a very short period of time.

Again, these aren’t my words. These are the claims of the many, so-called “satisfied and trusted clients”. Please! I would pay the amount they stole from me (which is a lot!) to get a chance to face those “clients” and ask them how they are able to ruthlessly lie like that. And hey, if their withdrawals came through – maybe they could buy me a drink or two! I, unfortunately, can’t. Since 24option has all my money and is refusing to give it back.

Support and Assistance SCORE: 89%

When it comes to giving you constant support and assistance, this trading app definitely takes the cake from its competitors. Namely, the platform designers have made sure that each client feels important and valued. So, whether you like to use a phone, e-mail or even a live chat, you can contact them 24/7.

Or at least, you can try. I remember the first time I tried to call them. I was freaking out at 2am because all of my money managed to somehow DISAPPEAR COMPLETELY from my account. “Oh, well” I thought “there’s gotta be a mistake”. In addition, it was 2am! They are probably sleeping, and will get back to me in the morning. Later I would realize that the only mistake I made was ever getting into bed with 24option.

Education and Tools SCORE: 76%

When it comes to education, 24option values the information. In other words, they take traditional approaches when it comes to education by covering all the basics, but that’s only the beginning. Namely, they also keep you constantly updated with all the latest events happening on the market.

Still, they somehow manage to miss the entire point. Their website is regularly missing the deadline for posting news and updates. For example, if it’s Monday and you are preparing to take your first morning coffee and want to find out the latest before anyone else, sorry! You will only find the news which were posted LAST FRIDAY. I rest my case.

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