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Despite the glorious title and the slogan “Trade with Confidence”, the only confidence this broker seems to be providing is the ability to scam you and leave in the middle of the night. Namely, this poorly regulated broker was still somehow able to be repeatedly fined by several of the most reputable regulatory bodies in the trading world, including both Israel and Canada.

So, how is it possible that their website is still active, you might ask? Well, as it would turn out, Ava Trade scam is so tangled so deeply within the trading community. They have been present for quite some time so they learn many tricks and loopholes which they regularly use in their journey of fraud and denying you your money. Let’s see how they do it in detail.

Platform and Execution SCORE: 16%

The main goal of the Ava Trade platform is to empower and encourage innocent brokers like you and me to invest more and more, and maybe a bit more, just to be safe. Though the market is unpredictable, as we all know, Ava Trade makes it practically impossible to gain any profit whatsoever. Rather, they hide behind so-called fair trading, while scamming their way further into your pockets.

One of the biggest infringements that Ava Trade has committed is pretending to be a licensed CFD broker. After years of suspicious behavior, Ava Trade was finally proved to be breaching the regulatory law of the Canadian province of Alberta. This resulted in a fine by the Alberta Securities Commission (ASC) of close to a half of million dollars!

Withdrawal Speed SCORE: 19%

After what you just read, it seems quite naive to talk about something insignificant as a withdrawal speed right? Still, it wouldn’t be fair to not go into this subject, too.

It isn’t even about the speed as such - Ava Trade fails to give you your withdrawal in 95% of the cases. Namely, the company skillfully hides behind the advantages of automated trading to make up for the fact that they REFUSE TO GIVE YOU YOUR MONEY. This is quite a shameful tactic, and it amazes me how this broker is still up and running. And while we’re at the topic of running - you should run for your life away from Ava Trade.

Support and Assistance SCORE: 23%

When it comes to their customer support, Ava Trade is eager to convince you that they are here to answer your questions. However, this only applies to generic answers to the questions you could be easily and better informed through Wikipedia. But, if you approach them with a question about your withdrawal request never being processed or their many fines they are yet to pay, you will only receive radio silence.

That’s right! Ava Trade is always there for you. However, judging by the lack of responses in my own inbox as well as other comments I’ve read from other traders, Ava Trade drives a hard bargain that you will eventually lose. I guess their main goal is for you to give up in the end.

Education and Tools SCORE: 47%

When a broker is dedicated to scamming you out of your life savings, it can seem quite strange that they offer you a variety of educational tools. You have several educational levels available, depending on how skillful you are in your trading. You can easily scan through them and do your research until you find the most useful tool for yourself.

Then, you will find many educational videos and tutorials, as well as news about the market. However, no matter how useful all of these tips are, they can’t help you combat the biggest enemy of fair and impartial trading - which is Ava Trade platform, itself.

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