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If you were looking for a new Forex broker and your Google search brought you here, take some time to read our in-depth RichmondSuper review, that will help you determine whether this broker is the perfect choice for you or not. 

I am not sure if you are familiar with RichmondSuper, so I will start with a little introduction before I dive in into the most important things. First of all, this is a well-established broker with years of experience under its belt. This means it had a lot of time to develop a strategy suitable for most clients. Honestly, that’s why it caught my attention. I like to see a broker with positive comments from clients. It makes my research even more interesting because I start with very high expectations.

To see if those expectations will be fulfilled, together we will see everything RichmondSuper offers to its clients. So, why don’t we start with the place where traders spend the majority of the time — the trading platform.

Platform and Execution SCORE: 90%

For now, I have seen that RichmondSuper is not a regular broker. Uniqueness comes in the first place here, so I expected to see something different than MetaTrader. Well, I was right. This broker implemented a platform that has so many details and yet, you won’t feel like you are distracted with unnecessary things.

The design is neatly-done, it’s responsive and clients can use it on every device. Also, if you do not like the chart, there is an option to customize it according to your preferences. All of this plays a big role when it comes to my overall impression. I hate to see a platform that is hard to navigate and I believe many people share my opinion.

Honesty, I was relieved to see that RichmondSuper solved the problem this way and I can move on to other parts of this review, knowing that the platform fulfilled all my expectations.

Withdrawal Speed SCORE: 70%

Making a deposit or withdrawal request at RichmondSuper is simple. It requires just a few steps and you have the complete freedom to select the desired method. There are few different transaction methods at your disposal (Credit Cards, Bank Wire and eWallets) and the only requirement is to select the same one you used for the deposit.

Also, there is an option to use multiple Credit Cards. I had to mention this because it’s not so common. Of course, there are some rules but they are created for account safety, so I don’t mind them at all. Once you request a withdrawal, an equal amount of money will be transferred to each Credit Card and if there is an additional profit, it will be transferred through Bank Wire to your account.

When it comes to withdrawal speed, it can vary depending on the account you chose. With a Portfolio Management Account, you will have prioritized withdrawal level number two and with a Retirement Account, that level is one. Of course, things are different if you choose the highest account in the offer — Heritage. In that case, you will have a completely custom-made experience. Once again, RichmondSuper showed that it has to offer something unique, that will make it stand out from the crowd.

The identity Verification process also plays a significant role in transaction speed. Honestly, I am glad to see this broker has KYC Policy, even though it slows down the whole process for a little bit. Identity Verification after each withdrawal is mandatory if you want to trade with peace on your mind because it prevents frauds. So, it’s always better to wait a few days longer but to have a secure withdrawal process.

Although there are different factors that determine transaction speed, you won’t wait for a long time. Usually, the whole process is done within seven to ten business days, which is great.

Support and Assistance SCORE: 90%

Support and assistance is one part of the review where there is no middle. I will end up excited or disappointed completely. Since we all know how important it is to provide proper service, I truly hope this time I can count on excitement. RichmondSuper showed impeccable service so far, so I don’t see why things would be different with customer support.

Before I tell you my impressions, it’s fair to familiarize you with some expectations I have each time. First of all, I love to see different contact methods. From Live Chat to Phone Line. Everything should be included because all of us like to communicate in different ways. The second thing I want to see are responsive customer representatives. If I cannot count on instant support, it’s all in vain. Lastly, education and politeness are a must. I don’t expect them to know every detail about Forex, but if I ask something about the website itself, I want to receive a proper answer.

Now that you know my expectations, we can move on to the customer support that RichmondSuper offers. The first thing is fulfilled, I will tell you that straight away. You can choose one of four different methods for contact and that is a nice variety. Everything is covered so you can call them and solve the problem instantly, or send a message and wait for a reply.

Personally, I prefer Live Chat and that’s the method I use each time. That’s why I decided to test it and see if someone will get in touch with me soon enough. I sent a message (it’s very simple, just add personal details and that’s it). My question was about account types and I received an answer very soon. The person I talked to was polite and provided me with detailed instructions. After our chat session, all of my concerns were gone and that’s exactly what I needed.

The experience I had with the customer support was nothing but positive. In just a few minutes I got an answer to my question and the best thing of all, I was able to continue with creating an account straight away. So, if you want to become a RichmondSuper client, but you are having some doubts, don’t hesitate to contact customer representatives. I am sure they will be helpful.

Education and Tools SCORE: 100%

Without the Education segment, this review wouldn’t be complete at all. Why? Well, I truly believe that you cannot expect to have good results if you don’t invest in education. When I say invest, I don’t necessarily mean money. The first thing that comes to my mind is to invest your precious time and learn from the broker you chose.

That’s why each broker should have an Education Center on the website. This way, each account will bring you different eBooks or video lessons, depending on your level of experience. Things aren’t any different with RichmondSuper. Apparently, this broker understands the importance of good education and that’s why you will find so many articles that will help you improve trading skills.

As expected, there is a separate part of the website dedicated to Education. Inside, you will find different books and trust me when I say, it will take you a long time to read them all. This broker likes to share its knowledge and we can clearly see that. Actually, I was so curious to see whether those books are any good, that I spend half of my day reading the things I already know, just because those eBooks are written in such a nice way, that you don’t even realise how long it has been.

I won’t spend more time talking about this part because I could go on and on how good it is. Instead, I advise you to visit this page and see why I am so excited about it.


At the end of this RichmondSuper review, I have come to realize that this broker can provide services for both professional traders and complete beginners. The selection is excellent and even if you are making the first Forex steps, with support and trading conditions like this, it will be much easier to have success on your trading journey.

So, the only thing I can say in the end is that you have my recommendations if you want to create an account and become a Richmond Super client.

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