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Today’s financial market opens up a lot of opportunities for those who have a passion for trading. However, to be successful, you have to not only understand basic stock exchange principles but also stay updated on the latest news and changes in the industry. To help brokers keep on track, we’ve established FX Reviews, where we aim to provide our clients with the most recent information on exchange platforms. On our website, you can find honest and professional Forex trading reviews that will help you expand your knowledge about the current market situation.

We engage the best experts and analysts into thorough research of the stock exchange fluctuations and industry behemoths. What makes us stand out is that we take customers’ experiences into account. This approach allows us to provide a many-sided view on platforms and reveal brokers’ flaws and advantages first-hand. So, every time you happen on FX trading reviews on our website, you get the most accurate and reliable data. And we encourage you to contribute as well.

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Market analysis gives you many benefits. By researching different platforms and their performance, you gain up-to-date information that can save you time and money. And most importantly, this allows you to avoid fraud, which is not uncommon in the industry. 

Sure, it takes a lot of effort to analyze all the pros and cons of every service provider. But the good news is that you can find a quality FX broker review on our website that will get ducks in a row for you. Moreover, you can count on us as the source of other valuable information, including: 

Our website is a go-to source not only for traders but also for service providers. By catching up on the latest FX reviews, brokers can get maximum details about their competitors and honest feedback about their performance. That is why FX Reviews is a perfect place for anyone interested in trading.

Check out our recent publications to keep track of the latest shifts in the Forex market, add your reviews, and make your trading a breeze!

FXTM Review

When FXTM was first founded, the goal for the company was to combine the love for trading and trying your luck with the natural affinity that many people have towards engaging into something that will run their emotions wild.- Read full review

forex broker review

After initially hitting a major bump with my very first broker-who-shall-not-be-named (they aren’t even worthy of a mention), I have decided to try out some other brokers on the market. Hey, you can say what you want ...- Read full review

fx broker review

E Toro is a classic fintech startup that has led the innovation cycle within the finance world for the last couple of years. So, what went wrong?- Read full review

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Stockscm Review

When it comes to new and exciting platforms that are emerging, Stockscm has immediately caught my attention. And don’t get me wrong, I’m not the one to jump on the band wagon whenever a new thing comes up. - Read full review

FXVC Review<

Right up front, FXVC will show you their regulation information in hopes of gaining the trust of traders. I have to admit - I’ve never seen this before among the trading platforms. I was even a bit confused about it.- Read full review

fx review broker

YorkCG is a platform that has a clear goal in mind - delivering top-level investment opportunities to clients.- Read full review

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Securedvc is a new kid on the trading block, let’s check out if its worthy of the clients’ time and commitment.- Read full review

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A detailed look into one of the most mentioned brokers in 2020, with all the benefits and downsides.- Read full review

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Deep diving into one of the so-called most reputable brokers have shown quite grim results and scams FX Pro made over the years.- Read full review

best forex broker review

City Index is one of the oldest and most reliable trading brokers, founded back in 1983. It is a part of the company GAIN Capital, which is listed on the New York Stock Exchange. It is also regulated by three of the most reputable regulatory bodies.- Read full review

best forex broker review

Fx On Us is a questionable broker that lacks a lot of basic information that is crucial to the clients.- Read full review

ZX Markets Review

One of the main advantages of the XTB trading broker that would initially drag you deep into their scamming ways is that it ensures top quality safety. - Read full review

best forex broker review

ChoiceTrade review takes you on an in-depth tour of the mind of one of the most successful brokerages today.- Read full review

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Platform Our Score Customers-score Overall score Platform-execution Withdrawal speed Support-assistance Education-Tools
FXVC 87.5% 89% 88% 92% 83% 78% 97%
E Toro 83% 85% 84% 81% 93% 75% 82%
SECUREDVC 82% 80% 81.5% 73% 96% 81% 78%
24OPTION 80% 78% 79% 84% 68% 89% 76%
Stockscm 77% 79% 78% 80% 75% 65% 86%
FX PRO 76% 74% 75% 73% 80% 83% 67%
YORKCG 75% 73% 74% 82% 77% 65% 79%
FXTM 74% 72% 73% 65% 73% 81% 77%
XTB 36% 39% 37.5% 37% 25% 37% 46%
City Index 34% 37% 33.5% 26% 29% 40% 39%