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The first information you will learn in this Securedvc review is that this platform is created by people who were once like us - traders just starting out, excited for what’s to come. When you think of it this way - the platform that you are now engaging is a result of all of that effort. From struggles and obstacles to winning streaks and helpful tips, Securedvc has merged good and bad into one honest, truthful and reliable platform.

Securedvc gives special attention to cryptocurrency trading. Not only you can watch how each of these assets is performing on the market - but you can also read expert reviews and engage with analysts to learn more about the crypto trading. Personally, I like this approach, and the combination of hard-hitting analysis with personal commenting and experiences.

Platform and Execution SCORE: 73%

When it comes to the trading platform, Securedvc offers you an insight into the market performance for each asset that is up for trading. You can watch how the asset is doing today and compare it to the previous trading days, as well as try and speculate on where it will go next.

There are many advantages to this type of information. If you have an especially keen eye - you can easily detect certain trends. And as we all know - trends are important factors in the trading market. They are leading the assets in a certain direction, so by assessing them, you can create your trading strategy. For me it was difficult to notice these trends at times. But with some practice and a clean-cut platform such as this one, you will manage just like I did.

The best thing about this platform is that it’s available to everyone. Even if you do not have an account, you can access it and try to organise things according to your preferences. This is important since we are talking about a unique platform that you cannot find everywhere.

That platform is divided into segments and each one of them serves to make things easier for you. The first one is on the left and it’s for account management. This means that you don’t have to leave the page to contact support or make a deposit. Everything is one click away.

The middle part is for tradable assets that are separated into categories. So, it’s up to you to choose the one you prefer (Indices, Stocks, Forex, Crypto Currencies and Commodities) and once you select the asset you want, a chart will appear. That chart shows everything you have to know about a specific asset, and the best thing of all — it’s fully customisable.

Overall, this is an amazing platform that has some useful tools and if you want to use it, our advice is to test it first and familiarize yourself with it for a little bit.


Withdrawal Speed SCORE: 96%

For Securedvc, efficiency is a top priority. That’s why they are focusing on processing your requests in a matter of a few minutes, so you would be able to focus on your next trade. The software is designed in a way to provide you the most out of automated trading, but with a unique approach of directness and originality, so each trader feels appreciated and valued.

In addition, if you changed your mind and want to cancel your withdrawal - feel free! The cancelation of withdrawal is also possible, in just a few simple clicks. In addition, the withdrawals go in the same way as the deposits - you provide your basic information and choose the payment method you prefer. This is a huge relief, that you don’t have to go through any additional paperwork to get a simple request cancellation.

Support and Assistance SCORE: 81%

Aside from a helpful and knowledgeable customer support team, you can also find answers to your questions and doubts on the Securedvc’s FAQ page. This is the section of the website that answers some of the basic questions which you can stumble upon along the way. No matter if you are having trouble with your registration or are you wondering what is the minimum deposit amount - check out the website to learn more.

Heated Action

Since there are so many traders entering the Forex market each day, can you imagine how many trades is that every single day? Boy, I certainly can’t even begin to!

Namely, for each currency, there are a few ways to trade it. First, you can watch it perform solely on the market as an index. Later on, you can develop a trading plan and a strategy to achieve your trading goal.

But even more often, you can trade currency pairs. This is the most common type of trading, for example - USD/EUR. Here, you can watch the ratio between the two currencies and speculate on which way they will go next. There are many factors to take into consideration here. For each of the two currencies, there is economic data, current political situation and many other things that come to mind, and can affect the value of each currency.

Now, imagine if every single one of them was assigned their own customer support agent… Would that be difficult to handle or what?


Education and Tools SCORE: 78%

Like many other reliable platforms, Securedvc also trusts in the importance and the power of education. This way, each client can benefit - no matter how experienced they are. Namely, the market is always changing and improving, and we can all find new and interesting things to learn about it.

Securedvc does so by providing a variety of educational tools - from e-books that you can download in a few clicks and take anywhere with you, to the economic news and latest developments in the trading world. For me, by far the best ones are the e-books. I can download them on my tablet and read whenever I wish!


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