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Arrowteks is a different type of trading company than what you might have grown accustomed to in the past. First, it was designed by expert traders and industry leaders with a unique goal of being equally welcoming and inviting to all. No matter how skilful or proficient you are in trading CFDs, Forex or commodities, Arrowteks is dedicated to making you the best broker you can possibly be while achieving your dreams on the market.

What is so special about Arrowteks is the fact that they offer targeted one-on-one coaching, so you can exceed your trading potentials. With their skilful and dedicated experts, you will be able to find so much about yourself when it comes to trading, including your strengths and weaknesses. Arrowteks does not hesitate from telling it like it is. Rather, they are equally focused on both the good and the bad sides of trading, so they can help you create a suitable strategy for the market.

Another fact that shows how Arrowteks is dedicated to including traders from all around the world is evident by the brief list of countries that are not permitted to trade with this platform. They include:

  • Cuba
  • Iran
  • North Korea
  • Syria and
  • The United States.

Platforms like this are quite rare since the industry standards require them to respect many obligations and harsh restrictions, which not many brands today are able to do. Arrowteks is one of those that are able to follow through with every single promise while following the strict regulatory frames of each country, as well as the entire trading landscape.

Platform and Execution SCORE: 92%

Considering that Arrowteks aims to satisfy the highest industry standards, it is no surprise that the trading platform will be equally exceptional. The interface design is simple but advanced looking, which allows all the traders to find their way around easily, especially if it’s their first time on the trading market. This is quite important, and many other brands fail to show that they are willing to make it as simple as possible for their first-time clients. At the same time, pro traders can use it that much easier, since they already know what they are looking for.

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The platform is also quite satisfying when it comes to the variety of trading assets. From CFDs and FX to Commodities, Indices and even Cryptocurrencies, you are certain to find the most suitable security for your trading needs. Additionally, the information about the market performance of each asset is updated regularly and shown in real time, which is necessary for your successful trading journey.

For example, if you wish to check out how the most liquid currency pair in the world, EUR/USD is performing on the market, you simply click on it and the whole other world of information will be presented to you. On the chart on the right side of the page, you can see how the currency pair was performing in the previous 3 months, so you can have a clearer image for your decision making about your investment.

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What many traders noticed is that this kind of platform does not create a clutter of information. This can actually become more of a liability than a helpful feature, considering that many brands use this to hide disadvantages and scamming activities. They would simply try to shove the numbers and data into your face presenting themselves as experts, while they actually just hide something quite suspicious going on behind the scenes. If you find yourself asking: “Is Arrowteks a scam?”, this should give you a clear answer.

With Arrowteks, however, you can find the information about the margin, leverage and the maximum trading size, and that’s all you will need to begin. The rest is up to you, which is quite reassuring when you really think about it. There isn’t anyone who will try to take over your trading activities and use them to your advantage. Rather, you are on your own, but if you ever need assistance, the skilful Arrowteks team is available at any time.

Withdrawal Speed SCORE: 81%

Arrowteks platform offers the clients some of the most advanced and common payment options for your withdrawals, including credit cards, bank wire transfers and Bitcoin. The speed of processing your request for withdrawal goes from 7 to 10 business days which is pretty standard, considering that Arrowteks team uses that time to check for the accuracy of your information to prevent any fraudulent activities.

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In addition, whichever withdrawal option you choose, you will need to pay a 1% fee, which is listed clearly on their website. With the majority of other platforms, you don’t learn about their hidden fees and other commissions after you’ve already made a withdrawal. On the other hand, Arrowteks makes sure you are fully informed and equipped with the means necessary to make a smart trading decision.

Another important fact that shows the Arrowteks’ reliability has come in the form of an option of cancelling your withdrawal request, even after it was done processing. Simply, you will only need to contact their customer support team to inform them that you’ve changed your mind and that you wish to cancel your request. After that, your funds will be available on your account again, while a 1% fee will be charged for this service as well.

Support and Assistance SCORE: 76%

Arrowteks’ main goal is to create a long-lasting relationship with each one of their clients. They want for each one of them to feel special, appreciated and heard. Because of that, their team has opened quite a few channels of communication which you can use to contact them if you need any assistance. 

First, the easiest way is to just fill out a brief form on their webpage explaining your issue, which will be addressed as soon as possible. Also, you can contact them directly through email and receive their response quite fast.

Another option is calling them in the UK and Australian phone numbers listed. And lastly, the option that is available to everyone no matter where they are coming from is the live chat, which is quite handy since it connects you with an expert agent in just a few seconds.

Of course, we had to test one of those methods and see if people from Arrowteks really provide an answer within a few seconds. Since Live Chat is the most convenient way for us, we sent a message there.

One of the agents replied almost instantly and welcomed us. We chatted for a little bit and let us tell you, it was a pleasant talk. We discussed everything, from accounts to funding and that customer representative was polite enough to provide us with every answer. So, not only he was responsive, but educated as well.

To us, this is really proof that Arrowteks takes good care of its clients. Apparently, traders come first here so if there is anything that you want to discuss with them, feel free to send a message. A reply will come instantly, and you will know every detail about this broker. Transparency is the key and Arrowteks respects that.

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Education and Tools SCORE: 91%

The Arrowteks educational centre is fully equipped with every educational tool you can possibly think of, from eBooks and tutorials to a glossary and the Frequently Asked Questions tab.

eBooks are especially handy and useful because you can just download them and read whenever you feel like it, mainly when you are on the go. You can read them through any device as well if you just want to read through or focus on your learning in detail.

Also, the Asset Index section is what is lacking at many brokerage firms. Arrowteks is not afraid of the challenge of digging deeper, so they provided you with a long and detailed list of each asset, as well as the trading hours for each of them. Considering that the trading platform offers over 200 tradeable assets, we can only imagine how much time and dedication that took for their team. Well done, Arrowteks!

The bottom line of this Arrowteks review is that this broker likes to do things their own way, and it seems to be working. They are dedicated to improving your trading experience while simultaneously learning new skills and growing with you. Together with Arroteks, clients around the globe can boost their CFD trading experience, knowledge, and results.

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