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Right up front, FXVC will show you their regulation information in hopes of gaining the trust of traders. I have to admit - I’ve never seen this before among the trading platforms. I was even a bit confused about it. I remember thinking, why would they shove this information right in my face on the first step? How should I know if CySEC is reliable? Are they joking?

Thankfully, the initial wave of confusion wore off, and I started digging into this regulatory body. Luckily for me! Because, my research showed that this is one of the most reliable institutions in the trading community. You might not believe me, but I actually stumbled on hard proof of CySEC keeping their brands in check and ensuring harsh fines and punishments for any of them which refuse to follow through. Basically, these regulatory bodies do the job for us – they make sure we, the clients, are not robbed of our money and our rights.

Platform and Execution SCORE: 92%

So, I’ve heard the name FXVC before. It is a well-known name in the trading world. The platform was founded back in 2014, and since then, it has been only setting records for its competitors. Namely, it offers a wide variety of trading tools and assets, including stocks, indices and currencies. The unique way of FXVC’s design is providing you with an opportunity to intersect these markets, and choose which asset is the best to trade with today.

The execution is brief and efficient, as you would expect from such an established broker. The brand is based on a highly advanced MT4 platform. This platform uses a software that easily detects any possible errors that may occur, providing you with a safe and creative trading environment. Still the shiny platform wasn’t nearly enough to through me off my guard. Oh, no!

I needed to check out how the platform works, of course. And what surprised me the most is how much effort the designers had to put into creating each graph, chart and parameter. Namely, things on the trading market are quite complex, there is no doubt there. Still, FXVC puts all of this information into one useful package. What you see is what you get, so keep those eyes open!

Withdrawal Speed SCORE: 83%

Based on the type of the asset you are choosing to try your luck with, as well as the amount of funds you are putting in, the withdrawal speed may be different. From several minutes to several days, FXVC’s highly capable team takes their time with this. After all, that’s what you would expect from a trustworthy broker – patience and consistency with assessing your data, so your information and funds are safe and ensured at all times.

For both deposits and withdrawals, you have many payment options available. From credit cards such as Visa and Master Card, to wire transfers and even Skrill! This was quite encouraging to me, since I was just learning about the new payment methods. In the meantime, I remember myself still relying on the old trusted credit card, from the same bank I used since college. How times change!

Support and Assistance SCORE: 78%

FXVC is well-known for its highly knowledgeable customer support staff. They are available for all their clients at any time and through any channel, regardless of where you are or which time zone you are in. The point is, you can always seek help or guidance from their team members. And remember, no question is too complicated to address.

The depositing process isn’t what stands out the most when you entering the exciting world of trading with FXVC. Namely, right up front they asked me to fulfill a questionnaire with all of the relevant information, including my name, home address etc. Well, this is standard, I remember thinking. Then, you will need to provide a relevant form of identification, which is key at preventing identity fraud. This is also quite common.

But, that’s not all. As you progress through this questionnaire, you will notice that FXVC takes special care in learning the small things about you – from your educational background to your trading goals and dreams. This way, they learn what approach to take as they set you up with your own broker to guide you through your trading adventure. What a relief! I hoped that this feature will help connect me with a broker who will have eyes and ears for my needs. Thankfully, I was right.

Education and Tools SCORE: 97%

Education is key when you aim to become better at any field and that's why I want to discuss it in this FXVC review. In trading especially, there are always new ways and methods which you can apply to improve your qualities, as well as your portfolio. FXVC is aware of that, so they provide you with a variety of different educational tools. From handy e-books which you can access through any device to the latest economic news and analysis, you will never be short of information.

Still, what took me by surprise is that there is so many information that are presented in a serious and expert language. Though I’ve noticed that many other traders appreciate it, for me personally, it did not work out. Maybe that’s because I like things to be presented to me simply and with a common language, which I use every day.

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