How to choose the best online brokers that will let you trade like a pro?

Today's financial market is full of different platforms that allow users to buy and sell stocks. Many of them offer a wide range of assets trading options, while others prefer to focus on a particular segment of the financial market. We aim at providing our visitors with comprehensive and reliable information about various platforms. That’s why we conducted a competitive analysis of the best brokers to outline their main pros and cons. We believe that this valuable information may help you to maximize your profit. 

We’ve carefully examined a lot of emerging platforms, read users’ feedback, and looked through many charts and graphs to understand what attracts new traders. We have identified their needs and defined the services that can satisfy them.

What do the best stock brokers offer to their clients?

Gaining profit is the primary goal of any trader. That’s why one of the ways to engage brokers is to allow them to earn high dividends. Other benefits for clients also contribute to the platform’s attractiveness for buyers and sellers. These may include:  

The range of trading options is another important feature. The best brokers let their clients exchange currencies, commodities, indices, and assets on one platform. It is a good strategy because it makes things easier for users. Having everything at your fingertips allows you not only to buy and sell faster but also to react to changes in a flash.

Another great feature that makes a platform one of the best Forex brokers are the educational tools and materials it provides to the clients. These could include reports, e-books, guides, learning courses, market analysis, etc. The best trading brokers must work with notable experts in the field to provide their clients with up-to-date information and useful knowledge about financial business. Educational materials should also be comprehensive so that even the most inexperienced traders could understand them. 

A user-friendly interface and a handy mobile app are highly valued by traders. That’s why many best Forex brokers in the USA put a lot of effort into their platforms’ design and functionality. 

Withdrawal speed and payment options are important characteristics for many dealers as well. People want to get their gainings fast and spend less on transaction fees. Having several popular payment methods instead of just one or two, may significantly increase the broker’s rating.

Finally, professional clients’ support plays a crucial role in the business of any kind, including the trading one. The best Forex brokers give their clients an opportunity to receive quick and comprehensive answers to their questions so that they could feel more confident about their financial decisions. It is especially important for new players on the market. The amount of information that has to be taken into account when trading stocks can be overwhelming. But when there is someone who can explain how everything works and provide you with a solution to any issues, it is much easier to get comfortable with the platform.

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Platform Our Score Customers-score Overall score Platform-execution Withdrawal speed Support-assistance Education-Tools
FXVC 87.5% 89% 88% 92% 83% 78% 97%
E Toro 83% 85% 84% 81% 93% 75% 82%
SECUREDVC 82% 80% 81.5% 73% 96% 81% 78%
24OPTION 80% 78% 79% 84% 68% 89% 76%
Stockscm 77% 79% 78% 80% 75% 65% 86%
FX PRO 76% 74% 75% 73% 80% 83% 67%
YORKCG 75% 73% 74% 82% 77% 65% 79%
FXTM 74% 72% 73% 65% 73% 81% 77%
XTB 36% 39% 37.5% 37% 25% 37% 46%
City Index 34% 37% 33.5% 26% 29% 40% 39%