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My Trading College review


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Review of MyTradingCollege Educational Courses

Knowledge is the number one thing that can take us further than we ever imagined. Having that natural thirst for learning new things and keeping updated with what is going on around us makes us feel safe. More importantly, studying what was before we can help us understand the world that we are living in today. The same goes for many areas of life - from school and work to popular culture, politics and history. Have you noticed how each one of us has a special ability for a certain activity or learning section? For example, some of us are better in math or biology, while others tend to learn languages or names of the countries as easy as getting up in the morning.

Then, there is a special type of people who are able to combine all these different tendencies and skills to use them as an advantage in finance and trading. Here is where MyTradingCollege comes into action. Namely, this website serves as a learning academy for all things related to trading and the financial markets. MyTradingCollege combines the traditional approaches to trading with the new and innovative operations and principles that are just coming into the spotlight. As a result, we now have in front of us one of the top leading learning libraries for all things related to finance and economic growth and improvement.

The Key to Success

What is the secret of MyTradingCollege? Well, the very first thing to note is that MyTradingCollege is an open book - there is no secret at all. This website is open and honest with you when it comes to its goals and achievements. Their team of creators and designers wanted to create a fun learning place for all the individuals who wish to excel their knowledge and abilities when it comes to trading on the market. They do so by valuing some of the most important features and characteristics that are necessary for a successful business today.

My Trading College review


One of the most important values that successful businesses tend to nurture is being inclusive and welcoming. To be honest, learning new things can be quite intimidating and challenging. So, having a safe and exciting learning environment is definitely a plus. Do you remember how nervous you were back in high school, before that one crucial chemistry test that could decide your future? Yeah, that feeling is quite hard to get rid of. This is why the MyTradingCollege aims to take that stress away by keeping you relaxed while learning new things about trading. Here, you can go as slow or as fast as you want in excelling your skills and knowledge.

Personalized Approach

MyTradingCollege is one of the rare companies that are able to acknowledge the fact that every single one of us is different and unique. A lot of companies tend to only create one unique approach to all their clients, disregarding their different features and special abilities completely. This uniformed way of thinking and learning is not at all effective or useful.

Thankfully, MyTradingCollege is different. Their approach consists of appealing to the wider audience by acknowledging their unique features instead of disregarding them. For that purpose, the company has created different learning packages through personalized courses for each one of the clients:


My Trading College review

How adorable is that? The Turtle learning course helps you get acquainted with the basics of market trading. Here, you can be learning the basic terms of CFD and Forex trading, as well as some common trading strategies and how to create them by using the skills you already have.

Here are some other things that the Turtle package contains:

  • E-books - educational books are some of the most important learning tools for trading today. They can be easily downloaded on any device, so you can read through whenever and wherever you are. In addition, they are written by expert traders and other skilful trading individuals who were once like you - thirsty for knowledge and trading success!
  • Interactive videos - for those of you who are more visual learners, the educational videos are a perfect thing for you. By watching them you can see firsthand how the experts are forming their opinions on the market occurrences, as well as transfer their knowledge to a wide group of traders and clients with different tendencies and learning abilities
  • Economic Calendar - the economic calendar is one of the most used educational tools today. It contains the list of all the latest and upcoming events that are important for your trading journey
  • Market News - market news is a must for a successful trading adventure, and MyTradingCollege is aware of that. That’s why their team is dedicated to regularly updating their news section with the latest information from the world of politics, finance and economy to help you include those facts in your trading strategy
  • Glossary - finally, the glossary contains the list of all the latest terms and phrases that are used in everyday trading. It is crucial to learn them to find your way around during a hectic trading day.


My Trading College review

This may sound intimidating, but sharks are essentially some of the smartest and most resilient animals on the planet. They are advanced and resourceful, not to mention that they always learn to deal with obstacles and come out stronger from difficult situations. With the Shark personalized course, you will be able to do exactly that - learn how to excel in the tough situations on the market and use them to your advantage.

With the Shark course, you will be able to learn about the following:

  • Trading Psychology - this is one of the most important things that are regularly affecting your trading. The market psychology is a crucial factor that contributes to daily trading, not only to you as an individual, but also to the entire trading community
  • Daily Analysis - with this section, you will be able to learn the expert opinions of the market leaders on the daily occurrences in the trading world
  • Asset Trends - what are the latest asset trends? How can you use your knowledge of pips, leverage and margin of each asset to improve your trading strategy? These are just some of the many things that this chapter talks about
  • Live Signals - there’s nothing quite like the real thing, right? With live signals, you can assess the market performance of each one of the assets available for trading. This way, you can learn how trends are formed, as well as to detect patterns completely on your own!


My Trading College review

Lastly, the Whale personalized course allows you to do practically anything when it comes to knowledge and improvement of your trading proficiency. With this package, you can continue building on what you’ve learned on the previous levels to become the most proficient trader you could possibly be.

Here are some of the most important lessons that you can learn with the Whale personalized course:

  • Laws of Economics - this area is quite advanced and requires a lot of dedication and patience. For example, there are so many things that come into action in the world of economics and finance. You could say that this area is tightly intertwined with the other areas of life such as politics, culture and health
  • Technical Analysis - this type of analysis is one of the most used ones in the world of trading, no matter how knowledgeable are you or which are of trading appeals the most to you. Technical analysis is based on researching the historical occurrences on the market in order to try and predict the future price movements of an asset
  • Professional Trading Strategies - creating a suitable and working trading strategy is key to your success on the market. By including your unique traits and abilities, you can create a personalized strategy that will work perfectly for you as an individual. So, what’s it gonna be?

Why is Trading Education Important?

So, what can we gather from our experience with MyTradingCollege? The most important fact to note is that this company is unlike any others we’ve experienced. They value patience, inclusivity and different approaches that will suit different types of traders out there. Are you a beginner or an intermediate trader? Regardless, you are welcome to join and improve your knowledge and trading abilities with MyTradingCollege.

My Trading College review

Learning new things is essential if you wish to stay ahead. This is applicable to all areas of life, but especially trading. There are new things emerging on the market every single day, so staying ahead of the game is crucial for your trading success. With MyTradingCollege, you will be able to do so by acknowledging your own unique advantages, as well as flaws which you can perfect with the personalized courses. As a result of all this, MyTradingCollege is able to significantly contribute to the entire trading landscape - by introducing it to the entire new generation of well-informed traders who are eager for success on the market.

The Bottom Line 

If you are looking for knowledge improvement, MyTradingCollege is the right place for you. Although we listed all the benefits of this website, it’s time to summarize our impressions and give the final judgement.

This is an educational website that will offer top-notch service and impeccable Forex education. That said, it has good potential and we believe that every person who joins the program can benefit. It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or an experienced trader. People who stand behind this website are Forex veterans who can pass their knowledge and most importantly, experience.

So, if you are into learning new things that can make you a better trader, this place is a stop you shouldn’t skip. Allowing someone to empower your learning is a big step towards success and that’s exactly what MyTradingCollege can provide to its clients.

My Trading College review

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