Carter Williams Broker Review

Carter Williams Broker Review


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Unlike the majority of companies present on the market today, Carter Williams was definitely able to draw our attention, and for many reasons. And that is not an easy thing to do. Namely, we are dedicated to bringing you accurate and hard-hitting information about the latest brands on the market and in the industry as a whole. So, we are mainly focused on the brands that are making waves and attracting our attention despite being busy and consistent with assessing all the latest market abilities and innovations. So, how does Carter Williams fit into that picture? For starters, it is a fairly new company in the industry but is still managing to attract the attention of the clients without giving it a second thought. From what we’ve seen so far, it seems that Carter Williams is marching to the beat of its own drum, within the regulatory guidelines, of course. But, how does that fit the bigger picture here?

Mainly, we should point out that Carter Williams, being the new kid on the block, knows a thing or two about trading already. The company was created by some of the most talented and prominent traders on the map who were once like all of us - just happy to be here and eager to learn. Over time, they acquired abilities and skills that helped them exceed the impossible demands of the market. They put the spotlight on themselves and their game, which is not an easy thing to do. So now, they are willing and eager, even, to share that with all of us! This is how Carter Williams came to be. We are excited to see what else they have in store. If you are too, stick around until the end of this Carter Williams review.

Platform and Execution SCORE: 87%

The trading platform at any company is the place where you will be spending most of your time, so it needs to be suitable, right? When we say suitable, we mean both your trading needs and the overall guidelines of the trading market. So, it is important that you are certain that the trading platform checks all these boxes beforehand, so you won’t get discouraged along the way. This can significantly affect your trading strategy, too - since you are basing your entire game plan on it. What are your preferences when it comes to choosing a trading platform? Think about it, because each trader looks at this differently. There are no wrong answers!

Carter Williams Broker Review

Let’s look at the Carter Williams trading platform through the eyes of an average trader, shall we? At a first glance, it is quite appealing and easy to scroll through. You can find much useful information about how it works and what can you do with this platform in just a few simple clicks. For starters, you should know that this platform is customizable to different themes, depending on whether you like a brighter or a darker screen for example, or something in between. Then, you can access it through your mobile or desktop device and have an equally enjoyable experience. All in all, the platform is able to load instantly and without any delays, which is a great advantage. When you scroll through the asset selection further, you will learn that this company offers over 200 assets at your disposal. From indices and commodities to Forex and crypto, there is something for everyone here.

Carter Williams Broker Review

When you click on each one of them, you will be presented with a separate page that helps you dig deeper into the details of all these assets. For example, the EUR/USD currency pair is currently trending on the global financial markets, so it is only natural that you will find it on the top of the Carter Williams page, too. When you click on it, on the right you will see how this currency pair is performing in real-time. And since the Forex market is always open, this is quite an important and hectic page to keep in mind! Above the colorful chart, there is also a brief list of requirements that are attached to each one of these assets such as the margin, the leverage, and other key features that are useful for building a strategy.

Speaking of building a strategy, Carter Williams allows you to trade with different account types that can help you build confidence and also learn new things while trading on the market each day. As you progress through these packages, you will notice how you are growing more and more present in the market and updated with its many innovations. With each one, you can also have a direct insight into things such as the new events on the market which could make or break your trading strategy in no time.

Withdrawal Speed SCORE: 66%

The speed of processing your deposit and withdrawal requests is another important feature to take into consideration when you are searching for the perfect trading broker to put your trust in. namely, there are so many payment options to choose from, but each one comes with specific features that you need to take notes about. Namely, there is the bank wire transfer, which typically takes the longest to process. There is nothing that a trading company can do at this point except assure the clients that they are working as fast as they possibly can. The credit card option is also standard, though it can differ from one bank to the other.

Carter Williams Broker Review

Lastly, the e-wallets are a great choice for up and coming traders who don’t want to struggle with paperwork and other details that could slow them down on the road of becoming trading pros! The e-wallets, no matter which one you choose - are able to process your deposits and withdrawals instantly regardless of the amount you wish to deposit. The main reason for that is that the e-wallets are based on a different type of technology that is almost impossible to break or abuse your information and funds. On the other hand, with other payment options, the risk is still there, but the company is taking care of it by introducing additional levels of safety when it comes to double-checking your identity and other information. Overall, you can be certain that Carter Williams is dedicated to your success in all areas, especially when it comes to your money.

Support and Assistance SCORE: 97%

When it comes to customer support at this company, we were surprised to see the variety of options that an average client has when they wish to reach out and resolve an issue of any kind. For starters, their agents can be reached at all hours of the day and night, which is not unusual considering that the market never sleeps, either. Then, you can also find them active on the Carter Williams social media pages, which is great to see especially with a fairly new company. The traditional ways of communication such as the live chat and the e-mail form are still available, of course. Using a chat box is always a good idea since you can get in touch with an available agent right away. They will stay on the line with you and guide you through the website until the issue is resolved.

If you send them an e-mail, you can expect a response within 2 business days, which is quite efficient. In the end, there is also a telephone option. But you should note that it takes them a bit longer to respond here, since there are so many queries from clients across the globe waiting for them, as well!

Education and Tools SCORE: 74%

In the end, we should talk a bit about this company’s educational section, since there is quite a lot of information to uncover and rely on. First, we were surprised to find that this company offers a pretty great demo platform that allows you to trade freely and independently without using any real money! This way, you can try out the entire Carter Williams trading platform and see if it fits your needs. Also, you can learn a trick or two when it comes to trading on a hectic market, which can often be the most intimidating thing in the world.

Carter Williams Broker Review

Aside from the demo account, you can also find a variety of eBooks on this page. They contain useful information and lessons about different things available on the market and the Carter Williams platform. Then, you can also visit the Asset Index page to find out the attached requirements that you need to fulfill if you wish to trade with any of the 200+ assets at this company. Lastly, for all the latest terms and lingo you can find on this platform, visit the Glossary page which is regularly updated with new info!

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