365 Trading FX Broker Review

365 Trading FX Broker Review


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Did you hear about 365 Trading FX yet? You definitely should! This is a relatively new company on the trading market but has attracted our attention instantly. Namely, this is the name you are only yet to hear about - since it was established just a few months ago. However, we are always looking for new and promising brands to see what they are all about. And we have to say that 365 Trading FX has attracted our attention instantly. Although this company is not yet built to compete with the biggest names in the industry (which is natural considering that the name is new), they still have quite a few abilities and features that could attract even the most experienced trading pros. Are you wondering how that’s possible? Stick with us and keep reading this 365 Trading FX review to find out!

This company is open to the majority of countries of the world and their respective clients. They are welcoming and inviting to a whole variety of traders with different trading goals and dreams, but also preferences when it comes to tradeable assets, budgets, and trading experiences. There is definitely something for everyone here, and we do not say that lightly. Namely, it is not so easy to satisfy today’s crowd of traders. They want more, cheaper, and faster - and that is not a surprise. The trading environment has become so hectic and competitive that companies are basically running at the possibility to become your number one choice. But this is a good thing for you as a client! You have a wide variety of choices, and you can take them for a spin before deciding on a real deal, or even switch between several of them before you stick with the right one. However, 365 Trading FX does it a bit differently - aiming to become your only choice on the first try. Let’s check out how this company is able to do it so well.

Platform and Execution SCORE: 74%

A winning trading platform needs to be able to execute all the transactions and trades in no time and without a hitch. A big part of this is tied to the safety and security abilities that a company needs to provide for each individual that uses its platform. 365 Trading FX is well aware of that, and their team took this into consideration when they built the winning trading platform that we see today in front of us when we visit the webpage. The platform is entirely safe to use since it is wrapped around the software which is one of the safest ones in the entire industry. It is built upon several firewalls that ensure that your information is encrypted and impossible to reveal or abuse. Unfortunately, the entire trading industry is no stranger to cybercrime-related activities, but it is up to each trading company to ensure the safety of their clients. This is an absolute must, and we are glad to see that 365 Trading is on top of things when we talk about this section. Now, let’s talk a bit about the trading platform features at this company.

365 Trading FX Broker Review

When you visit the trading platform for the first time, you will notice how neatly organized all its features are. From the asset groups and forms to the charts and other types of analysis that help you build your winning trading strategy. It is all there - and you just need to scroll through until you find the most suitable asset for your portfolio. The assets are divided into 5 groups or classes, as the experts like to call them. Those are CFDs, stocks, currency pairs, commodities, and cryptocurrencies. Of course, as you can probably already conclude from the name - 365 Trading FX is mainly focused on giving you access to the Forex market. This market is quite unique and unlike any other. It is the most liquid market on the globe, which really says a lot about many abilities and opportunities for growth when it comes to both your trading skills and your profit. This market is also always open - holidays, weekends, you name it. You can always access it and trade away however you please, no matter where you are coming from - which country or time zone. This is a great thing about Forex and the main reason why more and more clients are jumping in on the chance to trade here with no strings attached.

365 Trading FX Broker Review

Let’s get back to the overall look and feel of the platform. It is appealing and professionally designed, that is obvious. However, that doesn’t mean that it is impossible to detect the useful information and other helpful tips if you are a first-timer. The entire platform and the website at 365 Trading FX are designed in a way that everyone can use and understand the information that is displayed here. You don’t have to worry about if you are equipped enough to understand what the company is all about. Rather, they are an open book - and you can easily find your way around and learn a lot in the process.

There are several account types you can find here as well, and with each one, you can have something different at your disposal when it comes to the overall access to the trading platform. For example, the account types with higher deposit requirements tend to have bigger access to different features for building your winning trading strategy, as well as a variety of promotions, bonuses, and prioritized processing of all transactions. This is explained in detail on the webpage, as well.

365 Trading FX Broker Review

Withdrawal Speed SCORE: 85%

There is usually a lot of things that go into a withdrawal and deposit process at each trading company. And it is a lot more than what regular people like you and me are able to comprehend. For example, each transaction, regardless of the amount, needs to go through several processes and hoops to get to you safely. The same goes for your deposits, as well. Since, after all, each company is responsible for ensuring that nothing goes undetected and that your funds are fully secured at all times. This is also why the withdrawals need a bit longer to be processed than the deposits, but we will explain that in the following passages.

365 Trading FX Broker Review

Namely, there are several payment methods that you can use for your deposits and withdrawals. The main one is the bank wire transfer, which is the most traditional one on the list, as well. It takes the longest to process - about 5 business days, but it is still very much popular so trading platforms, in general, tend to keep it as an option for the clients. Then, credit and debit cards are also a sure-fire way to get your deposit or a withdrawal safety into your wallet. The processing times for each card type is different since it depends on your bank’s abilities, so you should check about that with their representatives. Lastly, the fan-favorite option is definitely an e-wallet, since it is the safest and the fastest payment option out there. These e-wallets are impossible to break into or steal the data and funds, and they are also able to process all your transactions instantly. So, what’s not to like?

Support and Assistance SCORE: 94%

When you find yourself in any kind of trouble or you are struggling with finding your way out of an obstacle, it is important to have helpful people on your side to guide you through it. That’s why 365 Trading FX assembled a small but mighty group of customer support agents who are ready to assist you 24/7. They are quite a helpful group of people who you can reach through many communication channels, such as the live chat box, email, telephone, and website form. The telephone number option is one of the most used ones since you can talk as much as you like - they are always here to listen. Then, the e-mail option takes around 2 business days to respond, which is also great. And we don’t even have to mention the live chat option since you can get in touch with them here in just a few seconds.

Education and Tools SCORE: 73%

The educational section at this company is quite satisfying. There are many different types of material you can use to your advantage. From eBooks with detailed information and lessons about various topics to the Glossary that is regularly updated with new terms of the trading lingo, you name it. Also, there is a helpful Asset Index page on which you can learn a lot about different trading requirements and conditions that need to be fulfilled for you to qualify for trading at this platform and the entire market as a separate financial industry.

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