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Ayrex is a trading company that was established back in 2014 and it specializes in trading binary options. The company is based in St. Kitts and Nevis, and it does not own any type of licence. This is a major red flag since you can never be sure what you are getting yourself into with an unregulated broker. However, the company website does claim that they are working hard on obtaining the licence from CySEC, which is short for Cyprus Security and Exchange Commission. This is one of the most reliable regulatory authorities in this part of the world. So far, however, Ayrex still didn’t have much luck with obtaining this licence.

Ayrex lists quite a satisfying number of customers which is around 90.000. The website supports 10 languages in total, so it is evident that they are dedicated to inclusivity. However, the company does not accept clients from several countries, including the US, Iraq, Iran, Syria and North Korea. This is not a huge surprise, especially considering that the US market is particularly hectic and demanding.

So, what is binary options trading, anyway? We should explain this trading activity before we continue to create this Ayrex review. Binary options can be explained as financial options that come with only two options of payout. Those are to either the fixed amount of profits or no profits at all. This is why they are caller binary - because they only have 1 possible positive outcome. So, the traders are basing their trades on the answer to a single question - do I think this financial option will make me a profit?

There is another important dimension to the binary options trading that we should note. This includes the widely popular term called the zero-sum game. This principle is used quite a lot in the financial world. It implies that one person’s gain implies the same loss for another one. This is a game of relevancy and balance that is usual in the world of finance and economics but can be also found in other areas of life such as culture and politics.

So, let’s see how Ayrex is implementing the binary options trading in its everyday operations.

Platform and Execution SCORE: 75%

Ayrex claims to have one of the fastest and smoothest trading platforms available on the market. And this is true, considering that we had no trouble with loading or finding our way around. The platform is quite satisfying and user-friendly, which is quite important especially for first-time visitors. The platform gives you a chance to trade with around 70 assets in total, which is quite a modest selection from a broker that had over 6 years to improve this section.

Ayrex Review

Another big advantage that this company aims to prove is the fact that the trading signals that the platform provides are able to bring a 60% success rate. This is quite reassuring, especially since trading is so unpredictable. Also, the platform comes with no strings attached - literally. Namely, you are able to open a free demo account and use it to learn your way around and get acquainted with the way it works.

The Ayrex trading platform can also be accessed through the mobile app, which is quite necessary in today’s fast pacing world of trading. You can download it on any mobile device that you have (mobile or tablet) as well as any operating system (Android or iOS).

Also, we should mention that there are 3 types of trades that you can make at this trading platform. The first type is the high/low trades. Namely, as the name would suggest, with these types of trades you are basing your strategy on your prediction of whether the price of the asset will go higher or lower than the current value.

The second ones are the short-term trades, that are traded in the small periods of time - from 30 seconds to 5 minutes. They bring a quick turnaround and require a lot of focus and willingness to trade with the high-rollers.

Finally, you can trade with so-called touch/no-touch trades. Here, you are trying to predict whether the asset will touch the target price before the time on the market expires.

Withdrawal Speed SCORE: 41%

At Ayrex, you have a unique option to make commission-free automatic withdrawals. That’s right! They are also processed instantly, and only require two-step authentication, to prove your identity and ensure safety. You can make these requests any time of the day or week, no matter the time zone you are in.

For depositing, there are several options available including credit and debit cards, bank wire transfers and several e-wallets, including Neteller and Skrill. The deposits also require a minimum of $5 for an account to be opened, which is quite a bargain, don’t you think?

We should also mention that this section contains different types of bonuses which are attached to your deposits. For example, there is a $30 no deposit bonus which can be turned into a $200 bonus eligible for a withdrawal.

Support and Assistance SCORE: 27%

Unfortunately, the customer support team at Ayrex is not available whenever you need them. They are out on the weekends and are also missing the live chat option which is usually the most appealing one to the clients worldwide. However, instead, you can fill out a quick form on their webpage where you can explain your issue through as many details as you need. There is also a standard e-mail address you can use, as well as a phone number.

Ayrex Review

The time to respond to your query can take up to a few business days, which is quite a lot. Again, this could easily be solved with a live chat option, which only takes a few seconds to connect. We are hoping that Ayrex takes this into consideration and makes changes in the future. In the meantime, you can also try reaching them through their social media profiles on Twitter and Facebook.

Education and Tools SCORE: 57%

Think of the entire Ayrex website as one big educational experience. There is a particularly useful section called “What you need to know before getting started”. Here, you will find detailed explanations about binary options and other features that make this type of trading unique. Then, there is a useful Glossary which lists all the terms you will need to know to ensure you are updated with the latest trading lingo.

Ayrex Review

What we found particularly useful is the Economic calendar, which serves as a reminder of all the upcoming events in the financial world, so you won’t miss out on anything important that can affect your trading. Overall, this section is quite satisfying and useful. The only thing we notice is missing is the market news and regular updates, which are also an important part of your decision making.

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