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Considering that the European Union imposes some of the harshest regulatory measures in the trading world, it is simply astonishing to me how they managed to stay in the game for 10 years and scam so many people during that time. From tricking and abusing their partners’ trust to repeatedly failing to address the clients’ concerns about their missing withdrawals, it is quite impressive how Euro Prime gets away with all of this, and for so long.

But hey, everybody makes mistakes, right? But the thing about Euro Prime is, that those mistakes affect not only the clients but other reputable companies and trading platforms within the trading community as well. This way, they tarnish the hard work and the reputation of respectable brokers, making it impossible for the clients to determine which one is a scam and which is legitimate.

Platform and Execution SCORE: 29%

When you first enter the Euro Prime website, you will see that the design of the page is stuck somewhere at the beginning of the 90s, when there were two or three web designers on the planet in total. Unfortunately for this brand, it wasn’t even able to hire any of them. Instead, the page looks like it was designed by a child pressing random numbers and scribbling on the screen.

What particularly bothers me about this shameful brand is that they added so many unnecessary links and tabs that need to reopen, instead of simply putting all of the necessary information in one place. This would certainly be a lot easier for the clients, but hey - why make it simple, right? Who knows, maybe Euro Prime is making a dollar for every unnecessary click that you make on their page.

Withdrawal Speed SCORE: 22%

When it comes to deposits and withdrawals, there are certain dangerous things you need to pay attention to. As you would assume, Euro Prime takes advantage of many loopholes and fine prints to deceive you. And when you try to point that out - they will respond by pointing out your own inability to dig deeper and notice their scams a lot sooner.

What I’m saying is - when you first visit the Euro Prime page, you will almost sting out your eyes with a huge, flashy banner that claims there are 0% commissions on any withdrawal. Sweet! However, if you read the abovementioned fine print, when clicking on the banner, you will actually learn that there are “certain times” when this commission will, in fact, be charged. How disgraceful! When you see a broker that is purposely displaying false information in order to deceive their clients, there is no clearer sign that they should be stripped of their license as soon as possible.

Support and Assistance SCORE: 23%

When you try to reach the customer support team of the Euro Prime broker, you can do so by using two options - phone or a live chat. The e-mail option seems to be missing completely, which is discouraging. But that’s not even the half of it. For me, I like things done smoothly and without a lot of hassle. This is why I prefer using the live chat option since the response is usually immediate. That is if you’re using any other platform besides Euro Prime.

I’ve tried reaching their agents on several occasions, with no luck. So, I turned to the less favorable, phone option. And they made that hard, too! Namely, you will only be met with a machine asking you to leave your number, so the agent can get back to you. This is so beyond unprofessional, I have no words.

Education and Tools SCORE: 17%

For the educational section, I can only use the term I don’t like and I essentially did not understand until I reached this part of the website. And that term would be - too much, but somehow, still not enough.

Let me clarify. For the most part, this section is quite empty. And where there is some content, those lessons are either completely useless or far too advance. Where, on the other hand, some basic tutorials and explanations are missing completely. Overall, it’s one big mess that you should steer clear of.

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