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Remember that movie “High Fidelity”? I remember watching it in high school and thinking: “Boy, I sure hope I won’t end up this way - sad, alone and helpless, trying to revive an image that never really existed in the first place”. That movie was my first thought when I stumbled upon this trading platform.

For those of you who haven’t seen it, “High Fidelity” tells a story about a guy who can’t accept the fact that life is moving on without him, and that people around him are striving for better and improving their experiences, while he remains stuck in the same place, reminiscing about what once was. The Fidelity platform is quite similar to this story.

At first, I found some stellar reviews about Fidelity, especially about the fact that they do not have a minimum deposit requirement, which is quite rare in today’s world of trading. As I dug deeper, I realized that this is just another in Fidelity scam in the long line of fraud this company is making daily.

Platform and Execution SCORE: 17%

When I first visited the Fidelity website, I was repulsed by the simplicity of its interface. And when I say simplicity - I mean it in the most dreadful way possible. The website looks like it was designed by someone who was curious about web creation and just threw a few things on a blank page.

This was quite disappointing to me, especially coming from a trading platform that assures “excellence” and “top-level trading assets” for all their clients. I wonder how many of them actually bought this Fidelity scam and traded with them, even after seeing this hideous design.

On its quest of providing you with as much information as possible, Fidelity was somehow able to clutter the platform so much, that you can’t even find your way around. Between the colorful charts, analyst reviews and complicated graphs, I swear, my head started to hurt at one point.

Withdrawal Speed SCORE: 21%

One of the most disappointing features that I found about Fidelity is that they do not offer any loyalty rewards for using different products. This is a huge downside, especially since most of the other platforms are making it their priority to prove to their clients how much they mean to them by providing these features for them.

In addition, what particularly astonished me was the speed of the withdrawal I tried to make - or lack thereof, to be precise. Namely, the withdrawal process can take up to several days, which is unimaginable since there are so many other platforms that offer to process the same request in just a few minutes!

Support and Assistance SCORE: 23%

Considering that this platform was established back in 1946, you would think that they have at least tried to improve their operations since then. If you did, there is some bad news waiting for you.

Namely, the company and its customer support team seem to be stuck in the late 40s when it comes to technology. There are only several ways to reach their team if you happen to have any questions. For me, the experience was particularly disappointing - since I got transferred to a quite rude customer service agent. And not to mention the poor connection on their phone - the 1940s, indeed!

Education and Tools SCORE: 29%

When I first visited the Fidelity educational section, I was quite surprised to see that this platform offers a variety of different educational tools and sections. No matter if you are just starting out or you have had some previous experience - Fidelity will have something for you.

However, another disappointment soon followed. I should’ve been used to it by now, right? Anyway, I decided to give them the benefit of a doubt and continue researching… What a mistake that was.

Namely, in the first step, I got lost between their levels of education. Am I intermediate or advanced? Why do they teach fundamental analysis to beginners, but lack the basic information about how trading platforms work?

After two or three turns, I was finally able to accept the fact that Fidelity just isn’t a platform for me. But the reason I decided to write this review and dedicate my time to it, was my desire for all of you not to fall for their tricks. I really hope I managed to do so.

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