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There are not a lot of companies today that are able to provide trading services in all areas of the market. From CFDs trading to cryptocurrency and the commodities market - Iron-bits is one of the rare brands that can be equally functioning in all these areas. How do they manage this? Well first, it does not hurt that this company was created by the people who were once like us - eager traders who wanted to improve their skills and knowledge as quickly and effectively as possible.

During that time, they noticed that there is a clear gap in the market when it comes to trusted brands with a long-standing reputation in providing trading services. Namely, there were either the ones who are specialized in one of these areas. Or rather, there were brands that are not skillful at all, they just wanted to quickly gain off your knowledge during trading. These are the brands you should steer clear of, and you will usually recognize them because they lack the licensing and regulation information.

ironbits Review

With Iron-bits, it is quite clear what is the difference between the trustworthy brands and the ones that you should watch out for. This trading company is established in London, which is one of the toughest and strictest areas when it comes to trading regulation. The European market in its entirety is quite competitive and difficult to manage or join in. So, the fact that Iron-bits is one of the few brands that can establish themselves among such a tough crowd is quite impressive. In this Iron-bits review, we will talk about this and many other features that make this company pop in the crowd of others. Keep reading to see the results of our in-depth research on one of the most prominent brands on the market today.

Platform and Execution SCORE: 91%

A trading platform is one of the very first things that you encounter when you decide on a trading company. After all, this is the section that you will spend most of your time at, right? Having a well-designed and functioning trading platform is key, so let’s check out how well the creators of the Iron-bits platform did.

ironbits Review

The first thing we encountered when we visited the page is the neatly organized sections of the tradeable assets. The selection is quite admirable - you can trade over a few hundred assets here. They include anything from CFDs and stocks to the latest currency pairs and commodities. Each one of these sections contains lists of the latest assets that are available for trading, as well as their current and previous performance on the market. On the right, there is a handy and colourful chart that shows you how the asset was doing during the past couple of weeks or months. This is quite useful since it allows you to speculate on the possible patterns and trends that can form in the future regarding the asset of your choosing. This is quite convenient, don’t you think?

The platform loads quite easily and without a hitch. This is not surprising considering that the Iron-bits trading platform is MT4, which is one of the leading platform types in the industry today. With the MT4 platform, you have access to a lot of benefits that the web-based platforms are simply not able to provide. For example, here you will have access to the live trading signals, asset indexes and other useful trading tools that are up to date with the latest industry demands.

Lastly, we should mention the details attached to each tradeable asset such as the leverage, margin and trading hours. When you click on each asset on the platform, a handy list will be displayed to you with all this information. Also, they are quite regularly updated, which is necessary for a successful trading day.

Asset Selection SCORE: 93%

As we already said, once you visit the trading platform page an admirable list of trading assets will await you. Honestly speaking, we consider ourselves lucky to be living in a time where the Forex world has to offer so many things. Each day, the list of trading assets grows, so it’s no wonder we expect to find a broker who can offer all those assets to us.

Iron Bits is a broker like that. It has over 200 assets from different classes and all of them are at your disposal. So, it doesn’t matter which account you choose, you will be able to trade all of them. This list includes Forex, Commodities, Crypto, Stocks and Indices. You can choose the one you prefer on the trading platform page and start trading from the very first moment you open an account.

Needless to say, we are surprised with this selection, but once we take a look at the whole offer Iron Bits has, we cannot say we didn’t expect that.

Withdrawal Speed SCORE: 86%

When it comes to you depositing and withdrawal needs, Iron-bits is committed to providing you two of the most important things in the industry - safety and efficiency. As for safety, the company has provided the encryption of all your data, as well as other types of security of your information and funds.

First, the Anti-Money Laundering Policy shows that the Iron-bits is not only dedicated to making their clients safe. Rather, they wish to contribute to the wider trading landscape and its improvement in this area. As a result, Iron-bits is assisting the law-enforcement in their fight against global cyber terrorism and other damaging acts that are aimed to take away your rights and steal your data and funds.

Next, the additional level of security for all the clients comes in the form of the KYC policy. Better known as Know Your Customer or Know Your Client, this policy is specifically designed to handle the process of depositing and withdrawing your money safely and efficiently. Namely, this policy requires the clients to provide additional identification and documents that can verify and confirm their identity. These documents include proofs of your identity, origin, place of residence etc. This way, the company adds another layer to their tough safety measures and frames.

Lastly, the efficiency comes in the form of fast processing times for your deposits and withdrawals. When it comes to deposits, they are processed instantly no matter which amount you decide to put in your account, or which payment method you are choosing to finalize the process. On the other hand, withdrawals take some time. As we mentioned above, this time is used to verify your information and ensure your safety. The available methods for these requests are the bank wire transfer, credit and debit cards. Also, you should keep in mind that the bank wire transfer can take a while to process, which is standard. On the other hand, the credit and debit cards are processed much faster, within 2 business days maximum.

ironbits Review

Support and Assistance SCORE: 63%

The methods of contacting the Iron-bits customer support team are numerous. First, there is the obvious online form option, which will ask you to fill out a few basic information regarding your issue. Namely, here you will need to list your name and email address, as well as which department you wish to contact. Lastly, you also have the section where you can explain your issue or a question in as many details as possible. The form takes a few days to be responded. In case you do not have so much time to wait for it, don’t worry! There are plenty of other methods to get in touch with the Iron-bits customer support team.

Next, you can contact the agents via email, which is quite similar to the previous option. And for the clients based in the United Kingdom and Australia, there is the telephone option available as well. We found the agents particularly eager to help and quite friendly and knowledgeable. What else can we possibly expect from successful and efficient customer support? 

Finally, everyone’s favourite live chat option is available at this company as well. In just a few clicks you can connect to the available agent and keep them on the line as long as you need until you receive proper assistance. The agents are definitely not afraid to dig deep to help you out and make your trading journey as enjoyable as possible.

ironbits Review

Education and Tools SCORE: 74%

Lastly, we cannot finish this review without dedicating our attention to the educational section at Iron-bits. Namely, education is one of the most important tools that you can use to improve all areas of your life. Luckily for us, Iron-bits is aware of that fact. That is why they have created a rich and detailed educational section that is also regularly updated. After all, the new things are emerging on the market each day, and you need to keep updated with the latest innovations, right?

First, you can find a list of over 2 dozen eBooks. They contain the most important topics in the world of trading, from the basics to the advanced strategies and analysis. The eBooks are quite easy to use and download on any device. Also, they contain a lot of important information that you cannot find on other educational websites, not to mention the trading platforms.

Then, the Asset Index is a section that lists all the details and requirements for each asset available for trading on the platform. The trading hours and the key information about each company and asset can be found here. The Frequently Asked Questions page is filled with answers to the most important questions asked by the clients just like you. Finally, the Glossary contains a wide selection of the latest trading terms that are regularly used on the trading market. This way, you can connect to the trading world much easier and manage your market experience towards victory.

ironbits Review

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