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Not a lot of brands are able to pull out the unique combination of advanced features and simple language, approachable to all. House of Bits is one of the rare ones to achieve this appealing image. At first, they even tricked me - when I first visited the website, I was so sure that this place would be too luxurious or advanced for me. I was so wrong!

As I continued to scroll, I actually caught pretty early on what the story is all about. Namely, they purposely created a high-class looking website, sending the message to all the traders that they can achieve greatness. When you dig deeper into it and give it a chance, you will notice how House of Bits actually embraces clients from all backgrounds and levels of skills, which is a huge relief for me. I wish House of Bits was there for me when I was first starting out a while back, but oh well! I can still take a chance with them now.

Platform and Execution SCORE: 91%

House of Bits platform is designed in a way that you can easily find your way around without making to many clicks and open new tabs. I noticed that a lot of brands do this - they purposely make you click and click and click as if they get extra bucks for each one! Who knows, I wouldn’t be surprised if they did.

But with House of Bits, I was pleasantly surprised to see that the platform looks like they have nothing to hide - all of the different assets are divided by sections and displayed clearly. House of Bits does not stray from showing you both good and bad days on the market. For example, Bitcoin was severely down today and they weren’t afraid to tell it like it is. But skillful traders like you and me know that there is still an opportunity to profit here. I decided to buy despite it being down. Hey, I have a hunch that it will rise again, as it did all those times in the past!

Withdrawal Speed SCORE: 78%

Considering that the cryptocurrency exchange is quite brief and efficient, it is no surprise that the best brands out there make their priority to do the same. Same goes for House of Bits - I was able to exchange my Ether in just two clicks. I remember thinking to myself: “Woah, it can’t be that easy! Now what?” However, House of Bits remained true to its form and kept things simple. 

So, yes, the exchange is quite easy, but what about withdrawals? Again, as skeptical as I am, I was certain that this process would be complicated and dragged out to extremes. However, the withdrawal process was quite satisfying. Aside from providing a few of my documents to confirm my identity, my request for withdrawal was processed quite fast. Still, compared to other brokers that don’t even process your requests at most times, this is quite encouraging and respectful from the House of Bits.

Support and Assistance SCORE: 83%

True to the form of the people from down under, the House of Bits has a quite warm and welcoming customer support team. I was able to reach them by phone on my first try, though the e-mail response takes a bit longer, which is usual. I haven’t tried the live chat option since I was quite satisfied with the phone call response, so I didn’t feel the need to. But some of my friends tried it and were mostly happy with the response.

But in case you are old school and don’t want personal contact (hey, no judgment here!) you can find a lot of useful answers to your questions in the “How it Works” section. There are many tips and terms here which you can apply to your everyday trading, as well as some trends to follow within the cryptocurrency exchange community.

Education and Tools SCORE: 67%

House of Bits seems to be lacking the educational section as a whole. Still, the information that you need can be easily found on the Frequently Asked Questions, as well as the How it Works section I mentioned before. This was a bit discouraging for me, but I was still able to find what I needed on these pages.

Still, the beginners in the cryptocurrency industry might find this process a little more difficult. However, since the House of Bits is a new brand, I can imagine that they are still developing their operations as well as their webpage. I would encourage you to contact their support team in the meantime for any help that you might need since they are more than eager to help out!

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