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If you are looking for a new Forex broker, you are at the right address. Here, we try to cover every single broker that appears on the market and tell you if they deserve your trust or not. Today, the star of our review is A Investments, a Forex broker founded in 2017.

We decided to check out this broker because there are so many negative comments on the Internet. That is a red flag, but we always want to be sure if those comments are there for a reason. Sometimes, a twist can happen, and we can end up with a pretty decent broker that has a lot to offer. Will that be the case this time? We will see.

The first thing we want to tell you is that A Investments is not a legitimate broker. There is no license, so keep that in mind. Just to be clear, oftentimes we say that you shouldn’t avoid a broker completely, just because if it doesn’t have a license. There are some cases where trading conditions are impeccable and brokers' relation with the client is on the highest level. In this case, we don’t know that yet. But don’t worry, by the end of this review, we will tell you straight whether a lack of license should concern you or not.

A Investments Review

Platform and Execution SCORE: 50%

A Investments offers a web platform that can be used on a computer or mobile phone/tablet. It’s a unique solution that works on any browser and has quick and reliable trading execution, intuitive charting, real-time market data, in-depth analysis, news and an economic calendar. At least that’s what A Investment claims.

Unfortunately, as a visitor, you cannot be sure this is all correct. If you want to check out how the platform looks, you need to open an account. This is not a good thing, to be fair, since everyone deserves to know what to expect. There is no need to make someone open an account, just to see if the platform looks good or not.

Our personal opinion is that the platform is not that good. Everything sounds wonderful, but once you open a demo account and try to trade, you will realise how slow everything is. The platform is not responsive, we weren’t able to install a mobile app so we cannot say it is suitable for every device, unfortunately.

A Investments Review

Account Type SCORE: 90%

There are four different account types and the first one is Standard. If you go with this one, you can deposit just $250. It’s great to have an option with a low deposit since not everyone is ready to give a lot of money for an initial deposit. For that amount of money, you will have a desktop and mobile trader, but that is something that has to be listed, so it’s not a benefit at all. There is an option to have a demo account, which is great, and it allows you to familiarize yourself with a platform a bit more before you invest. Also, an economic calendar and daily video market reviews are available as well as one on one platform lesson and 24/5 customer support.

The next account is Premium and this one includes all those things we just mentioned, but it also gives you autochartist market alerts, reports and forecasts, a dedicated account manager and educational video tutorials & eBooks. The only requirement here is to deposit $1,000. With a Platinum account, you will have spread reduction, VIP trading support and a dedicated senior account manager alongside the VIP deposit bonuses but you have to deposit $5,000.

The last account is VIP and this is the highest one. To become a VIP member, you need to add $20,000 or more to your account but of course, it offers you the best trading conditions such as individual trading strategy and support, property account and payment processing and exclusive corporate gifts.

This account offer is not bad at all, everyone can choose what they like, there are different minimum deposit requirements suitable for every level of experience. So, this is the part that fulfilled our expectations.

A Investments Review

Withdrawal Speed SCORE: 40%

The whole withdrawal process is explained in the FAQ section. If you want to make a request, you have to be logged in, enter the amount on your account page, print and sign the form and send it to their email. Before each withdrawal you need to verify the account and complete each step, otherwise, the request will be rejected. Keep in mind that you cannot make a withdrawal if you have opened positions and that’s one of the reasons for rejecting a request as well.

The processing time takes up to five business days, but there is one thing that concerns us. A Investments specified that delays may occur and, in that case, the processing time will take up to three weeks. They did mention this happens in extreme cases, but we have no idea what an extreme case for them is, which means this can happen anytime.

Once the request is approved, it takes up to ten business days to receive money on account. True to be told, this is a lot since it means that in the best scenario you will wait for three weeks and in the worst six weeks. Other brokers are ready to transfer money to your bank account much faster, so we do not see a reason for such a long withdrawal processing time.

Support and Assistance SCORE: 10%

So far, we are more than certain this broker is a scam. Nothing is transparent and on top of that, there isn’t a proper Contact Center. If you visit the main menu, you will find the browse all topics and FAQ page, but none of those pages contains an online form that you can fill in and send your question.

The Frequently Asked Questions page looks very nice. It contains all important topics, from opening an account to account deactivation. But in reality, if you want to open an account you will find more than 15 different guides and if you choose to deactivate it, there is not a single guide. The only written thing is “please, contact customer support.”

In most cases, this wouldn’t be a problem. This time, however, it is. As a contact method, you can find phone numbers and email. There is also a Live Chat but all of that is in vain since this broker doesn’t reply anywhere.

We used the email option first. We wanted to know more about account deactivation, how long the process takes, whether we need to pay fees for that, etc. Unfortunately, we didn’t receive an answer within a couple of days. That’s why we sent a message on Live Chat, but without any luck.

Once you open the chat and add your details (name, phone and email) you can type your message. Well, nobody was there to welcome us or to give us a proper reply. That’s why we cannot say a single good thing about A Investments customer support, except that it visually looks good, but that’s the last thing we need.

A Investments Review

Education and Tools SCORE: 10%

As much as we like talking about education, this time that is not possible. The only educational material you can find here is Glossary, which is a standard thing on any website. True to be told, this disappointed us a lot. When a broker promises good service, education has to be included. Imagine opening an account and not being able to learn and gain new skills? That’s not an option at all. If you give your trust to someone, the least you deserve is to learn from their experience.

So, if you are eager to learn new things and improve your skills and knowledge, A Investments is not the right place for you. It won’t provide you with education and practice, no matter what they say at the beginning.

In the end, we believe there isn’t anything left to be said. Everything that has to be mentioned, we already said and there is no need to emphasize even more that A Investments is not a regular broker that will protect you as a client. In fact, chances are high that you get scammed.

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