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Yahoo Finance is one of the very first products of the Yahoo family, which was created shortly after the Yahoo platform was introduced back in 1994. Since then, it definitely stood the test of time. As the years went by, many competitors have tried to undermine their influence and create financial apps of their own. But were they successful?

Yahoo Finance lists a clear mission to help traders like you and me make a smart trading choice based on the variety of information they provide each day. Yahoo Finance tries hard to be the number one source of this information, as well as to connect and combine a variety of different applications and sources in order to be the only spot you will ever need to visit on your trading journey. For me, Yahoo Finance was a breath of fresh air in the industry where there are more scamming apps and suspicious activities you could ever imagine.

Platform and Execution SCORE: 87%

When I compared the outlook of the Yahoo Finance app and its main competitor - Google Finance, I noticed that, at least for me, Yahoo Finance has a much more appealing design. Although these are both seriously strong and competent companies and huge players in the game of finance. You don’t want to mess around with either of them. Still, digging in a little deeper I noticed a clear distinction when it comes to efficiency and commitment between these two names.

As for me, Yahoo Finance keeps up to date much more often, and you can find a greater variety of helpful tips and well as the latest news on the market and the world of economy. And if you want to speak numbers - just last year, Yahoo Finance had over 70 million visits, while Google was trailing far behind with only 40 million per month. I don’t know about you, but I feel quite relieved looking at these numbers.

Withdrawal Speed SCORE: 56%

When you’re trying to find a reliable trading app to fulfill your needs, one of the most important features is the speed. Namely, considering the vast variety of information and robust data that Yahoo Finance gathers, I was pretty surprised by how fast they can all be found, used, and organized.

Still, everyone makes mistakes. For Yahoo Finance, there was a period in time when they had quite amount of troubles with inaccurate data and false information displayed. Whether it was because of the glitch in automatization or simply a lack of judgment, Yahoo Finance is still not able to own up to these mistakes. This is pretty strange for such a reputable name in the industry.

Support and Assistance SCORE: 42%

As for this area of the app, Yahoo Finance basically serves as one huge support and assistance page. Namely, they display information that is simple and well organized, that they basically take away the need to ever contact them. Still, for me, it is much more important to still have that safety net and assurance that I can contact their team at some point.

If you’re the same, you will be somewhat discouraged by the lack of outlets and channels you can use to reach them. There is only a brief form that you can fill out and wait until you get a response. As for me, I still didn’t feel the need to use it, but I am definitely curious to learn how fast their response is.

Education and Tools SCORE: 72%

When it comes to useful tools, Yahoo Finance seems to be quite dedicated to providing a vast variety of them. From the latest economic news to the market and investment data, this section seems to be covered quite well. In addition, this app remembers and saves all of your previous performance, as well as allows you to create your own watchlist of the key players and most tradeable assets.

Overall, Yahoo Finance’s educational section was quite helpful and encouraging to me. But hey, I wouldn’t expect anything less from such a high profiled name, and you shouldn’t either!

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