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One of the main advantages of the XTB trading broker that would initially drag you deep into their scamming ways is that it ensures top quality safety. Namely, the platform is licensed and regulated by two of the most trusted regulatory bodies in the industry. One of them is the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), while the other one is the Polish Financial Supervision Authority (KNF). This platform is also listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange.

So, how can it be a scam? Well, let’s see, shall we? This broker is consistently and constantly showing examples of fraudulent behavior and overall indecency towards their clients. The missed, unanswered calls to brokers, the mysterious fees popping up at each corner, the changes in the terms and conditions… But, anyway, where were we?

Platform and Execution SCORE: 37%

The XTB platform is designed in a way that appeals to different types of traders, no matter what their personal goal on the market is. For me, I started out with a high interest in currencies. Everything about them thrilled me – so many different aspects of each one, as well as their relations. However, the XTB platform was able to kill my interest in cryptocurrencies, too.

My friends who know me well can use a single word to describe me, and that would be – skeptical. That’s what I am, and a lot of times, this flaw served me as a virtue. It helped me protect myself from malice. However, in this case, skepticism helped me dig deeper into this shameless organization and all of its criminal activities going on behind the scenes.

  1. higher leverage - leverage is a special type of investment strategy. When using it, you are actually investing the borrowed money or capital to fund your investment. The goal is to increase the potential return so that you can profit from this difference. Emphasis on the word BORROWED. How the hell are you planning to give that back when they come knocking at your door, man?
  2. wider access - CFDs operate on a single platform, which gives you many more advantages. For example, this way you will always be updated with the latest developments on the market since you have to track the performance on a single one. Unfortunately, XTB is too busy cluttering their platform with unnecessary information and content that leads to adds, which are aimed to throw you off your guard and distract you
  3. advantage of execution - when executing each one of your trades, many brokers offer to process your trades completely free of charge. This is one of the main reasons why trading CFDs is so appealing to many since there are no additional fees at most platforms, including this one. This is what initially kept me interested in this are of trading. However, things have changed after I noticed that XTB takes so much time to process a single request, that I was almost able to forget what I wanted to trade in the first place. 

Withdrawal Speed SCORE: 25%

You don’t become number one by slacking, do you? XTB always keeps that in mind, which is why this broker offers you an instant withdrawal process. No matter which payment method you choose, this broker will process your request in a matter of minutes. And free of charge, too!

Oh, boy. I pity my past-self who fell for this scam. Fast processing PLUS no fees? Yeah, right! As I would soon realize, the reason why the withdrawal process can happen free of charge is because, well, it won’t. Not really. Let me explain.

I was able to submit a request for a withdrawal quite easily, in just a few simple steps. However, the confirmation never seemed to pop up. “That’s fine” I remember thinking. “I will just check my email. Those guys always seem to be sending so many promotional stuff - the confirmation must be there”. Long story short, it wasn’t. Then I decided to contact my broker, who relentlessly tried to talk me into putting my money into some shady new stock that just arrived on the market. No response! None, whatsoever! Well played, XTB.

Support and Assistance SCORE: 37%

Even the greatest have their flaws, and XTB’s main one is slow customer service. Namely, many clients have reported on numerous occasions that XTB’s customer support staff is slow-responding, especially via e-mail. All of this can be off-putting to many traders, especially the ones that are just starting out and need more help than others. When you are a trading pro, however, this flaw does not sting your eyes as much as it would if you were a newcomer.

Particularly for me, I believed in the later. I thought that I didn’t need any additional help since I’ve been on this rollercoaster of a ride for quite some time. And boy, was I wrong! In a nutshell, no matter how experienced you are, each platform is different. They all come with special and different features, and learning about them is crucial. This is where the customer support of XTB is severely lacking. When I was finally able to get ahold of the customer support agent, they responded in a quite rude and dismissive matter, making me feel unwanted and like I was a burden. Way to treat your clients, XTB!

Education and Tools SCORE: 46%

Within its education section, XTB gives you a chance to enter the prestigious XTB Trading Academy. When you are thinking about applying for it, you should detect on which level you are as an individual trader. There are four possible levels:

  • basic - here you will learn the sole basics of the markets, including the most important terms and trading lingo
  • intermediate - this is where you learn about more advanced trading tools, such as fundamental and technical analysis
  • expert - this level offers you a chance to deepen your trading knowledge by using a variety of information, including sharing your experience with other traders
  • premium - the top-notch, final level of the game. Premium gives you anything and everything that you’ve learned so far and takes it one step further by allowing you to demonstrate first-hand what you’ve picked up along the way.

For me, however, I’ve seen more than enough. I gave away so much money to this poor, sad platform, that I wasn’t keen on investing anything else into it, not even my time.

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