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Having a great and promising future in trading can be a bit challenging, especially if you are a first-timer. From deciding on a trading platform and the perfect tradeable asset to the account types and many payment methods, there are so many things to consider when starting up your trading career. Trade the Bit is one of those companies that contribute to clarity and not confusion. What you see is what you get with them, so there aren’t a lot of ways you can go wrong if you choose to trade with this company. Namely, Trade the Bit has been around for quite a while now, so it is clear to us that they know a thing or two when it comes to trading. They promise a high quality of the trading platform and fast transactions, so what more can you ask for?

However, we never settle for a first impression, and neither should you. This is why we decided to dig deeper into this company by creating an honest and reliable Trade the Bit review. In it, you will learn more about how this company does its thing, and how you can benefit from many advantages that are neatly intertwined within different offers on each page of the website. There are so many things to consider here, which is why we will take a deep dive into this broker and see what it’s all about. Are the rumors true? Is Trade the Bit as good as everyone claims? Stick around to find out!

Platform and Execution SCORE: 97%

A trading platform at any company should be your main concern since you will use it regularly no matter which broker company you decide to go for. So, it should be reliable and easy to use, for starters. Then, it should also be appealing and loading fast and without any delays. We are pleased to conclude that the Trade The Bit trading platform checks all of these boxes, even at a first glance. The platform looks quite well designed and it is especially simple and easy to navigate for the clients who are here for the first time. On one side, there is a wide variety of tradeable assets to choose from, including CFDs, Forex, and commodities, to name a few. Also, you will have a lot of trading tools and signals to choose from as well, which is a great addition to the successful mix that is Trade the Bit.

Trade the Bit Review

Also, we have to say that the trading conditions are pretty good, no matter how much experience you might have in this area of the industry. The leverage starts at 1:100 and grows as you go through different account types on the platform. We will talk more about this in the following passages. However, the most important thing to keep in mind is that leverage is a tricky thing. On one hand, it will drive your chances of making a profit higher. Also, it implies much bigger risks for it, too. So, you should decide beforehand how much you are willing to bet on before depositing your money.

Withdrawal Speed SCORE: 74%

The banking methods at this company include the usual names - bank wire transfer, credit and debit cards, and several e-wallets. The bank wire transfer, which typically takes the longest to process your withdrawal request, is a traditional method that is still very appealing to a lot of users. So, Trade the Bit keeps it as an available option. Then, the credit and debit cards can vary when it comes to processing times, which depends on your bank. Lastly, the e-wallets are able to process this instantly, no matter the amount. They are also the safest option since they use special encrypted technology that is efficient at keeping your data and money secure at all times.

The great thing about Trade the Bit is that this company is able to process your deposits instantly, regardless of the payment method you use. Also, Trade the Bit takes into consideration that you might change your mind down the line, so they offer an option of canceling your withdrawal requests at no charge. All you need to do is contact their customer support team and notify them, and they will do this for you.

Support and Assistance SCORE: 93%

The customer support team at this company is quite easy to reach. In addition, their agents are friendly and helpful, which is crucial for a good customer support. If you ask us, Trade the Bit is a great company to start your trading career. It offers a lot of advantages for first-timers as well as more experienced traders. They have a great offering of tradeable assets, as well as payment methods and educational materials. The account types are different and appealing, and there is something for everyone here. So, if you are having doubts about finding the perfect match for your portfolio, Trade the Bit is a pretty great way to go. But don’t just take our word for it! Try it out and see for yourself.

Trade the Bit Review

Education and Tools SCORE: 66%

The great thing about this company is that it invests a lot of time and energy into creating a solid educational section for you. A big part of this effort are the account types, which suit your needs and goals when it comes to trading. The account types are an especially important section of each trading company that you should focus on before you decide to start trading. They offer a lot of advantages and benefits, and they are also tailored to your needs when it comes to budget, level of experience, and what you are trying to achieve. So, you should definitely dedicate some time and attention to deciding on the perfect one. Also, you can easily switch between them by depositing more money to satisfy the minimum deposit requirement, which is another great advantage.

The account type offering at this company is quite satisfying, with 4 account types in total. The first one is called Basic, and it is perfect for clients who are trading for the first time on the platform. It allows full access to the trading platform, as well as provides you with daily market updates and reviews in your inbox. This way, you won’t have to worry about missing out on any important announcements or events in the global financial markets.

Trade the Bit Review

The second one is called the Silver account, and it requires a minimum deposit of $5.000. With it, you will also have full access to the platform, but you will also receive your own account manager. This person will assist you through your entire trading journey, so you can rely on them completely for guidance. The Gold account comes with a $10.000 minimum deposit requirement and gives you much better spreads and higher leverage to trade with. The Platinum account with a $25.000 minimum deposit is a huge step up from the previous ones and gives you a priority when it comes to processing your withdrawals.

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