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What particularly bothers me and stings my eye when it comes to the fraudulent Trade 360 platform is that it toys with the idea of social trading and turns it into something else entirely. Something ugly and scamming, which is affecting the entire trading community by painting a horrible picture for other, respectable platforms that really follow this idea with their whole hearts.

Let me explain. Trade 360 scam is based around a particular plan to take the idea of social trading, which is quite appealing to traders around the world - and create a twist. Now, I’m sure the creators of Trade 360 had the best intentions in mind, but now, as time passes, I’m starting to think they are taking advantage of us all. They introduced to us the idea of “crowd trading” which is a sole part of their slogan. But after I investigated and even tried it myself, I would recommend to Trade 360 to burry this title and pretend it never existed.

Platform and Execution SCORE: 21%

Head-on, the Trade 360 platform offers you a chance to engage in something called “crowd trading”. This is a highly unreliable way to trade, let me tell you right away. Basically, it takes away the entire idea of social trading, removing its best qualities. What remains in the end, is the crowd psychology - which is often more damaging than helpful.

Namely, when you enter any type of group, you lose your individual voice and recognition. Instead, you are driven by the crowd enthusiasm, which is so damaging that it can actually leave you with less money than you originally had. The crowd trading is very unreliable and quite dangerous, and I definitely wouldn’t recommend it - not even to my worst enemy. In all honesty, I’m not sure what the hell did Trade 360 creators thinking when they introduced this disgraceful platform feature.

Withdrawal Speed SCORE: 17%

Now, with the whole mess that Trade 360 offers with its flop of an idea of crowd trading, how can you expect that the withdrawal process can be any better? The first thing that is quite suspicious about this whole thing that Trade 360 has going on is the fact that the information about the withdrawal process is buried so deep in their website, that you will eventually probably decide to quit altogether. But that is their idea - so they can keep your money! How shameful is that?

But for the people who don’t quit so easily such as myself, I was finally able to get to this section, hidden behind some big shiny promises of more bonuses and tradeable assets that will blow my mind, etc. So far, my mind is only blown by the lack of respect that this platform has for its clients. When you go past these many obstacles, you will, unfortunately, learn the harsh truth. Trade 360 requires more personal information for your withdrawal than what the doctors would probably need if you were to be operated. As I said, this is all part of the bigger scheme - to keep you away from your money even longer until you eventually give up entirely.

Support and Assistance SCORE: 11%

When it comes to customer service, this platform offers you a chance to reach them through the phone, e-mail, chat or fax. Yes, I just said a fax. Nevertheless, no matter which one of these options you end up choosing, don’t expect them to answer after at least 4 or 5 tries. Another score for the disgraceful trading platform!

Honestly, I ended up being so disappointed by their lack of respect and due diligence, that I did not expect anything less than a total lack of consciousness, too. Their team seems to be always elsewhere - on another call, on a meeting, out of the office, etc. They basically treat us like idiots by expecting us to believe these sad excuses.

Education and Tools SCORE: 19%

When it comes to education, with Trade 360 we can only talk about a lack of it. Namely, the educational section isn’t even named that - you can only find a few helpful but superficial tips and advice within the Help Center. There, you will again be able to read a few lines about some basic things about trading. The same result would be achieved if you went on Google or Wikipedia if you ask me. At times, for me, it actually served as more helpful than this website.

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