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TradInvestor is yet another company that has been recently established, with a goal of attracting as many clients as possible with the least amount of effort. Namely, the company does not list the regulation information anywhere. And based on this, we can only assume that they are not regulated at all. This then draws a whole another set of issues. Because when a broker is not regulated, there is no guarantee that you won’t be scammed. There is no regulatory body to keep the company in check or make them follow the strict rules and obligations when it comes to fulfilling your rights as a respected client.

The company also isn’t listing its basic information about their origin or the country they are established at. This is another major red flag since this fact can help you discover the regulatory rules and frames of a certain country. Then, suitable for those rules you can more or less find out on your own what can you expect from the broker company. Here, however, this information is lacking. The only clue we got is that the company is based somewhere in Bulgaria, and we found that info buried deeply in their Terms & Conditions page. This page is usually serving as a helpful guide and should show that a company is an open book with its clients. However, this does not seem to be the case with TradInvestor. But let’s dive in a bit deeper and see if there is more to this broker than what meets the eye.

Platform and Execution SCORE: 21%

Considering that TradInvestor is not regulated, their platform is simple and web-based. This basically means that any group of designers could have gathered around and scribbled down this platform for your use. Therefore, there is a clear lack of any authentication or other security processes that would make sure that you are protected while trading. So, you are rolling the dice when trading with a web-based platform, and TradInvestor one doesn’t seem to be any different.

TradInvestor review

The outlook of the trading platform is clearly lacking some basic information. As you can see from the picture above, there are two separate windows that provide data. On the left, there is a list of available assets for trading. And then on the right, there is a handy colourful chart that shows the market performance of the asset you are looking for. However, there is no additional information about the leverage or the spreads, which should be listed on there somewhere. There is definitely room for it! However, it seems that designers have not yet thought of that.

Looking further down the list, we noticed that there are not a lot of tradeable assets available at TradInvestor. There is a little less than 100 currency pairs, CFDs and commodities in total. This is quite discouraging, especially for a platform that is yet to establish its image in the trading world. Only when you input your information and attempt to trade will you find out about the leverage which is 1:100. This is quite high compared to the industry standard in Europe, which is 1:50. Also, the offer of 0.1 pips is shoved in your face quite regularly, which is kind of suspicious.

Withdrawal Speed SCORE: 11%

The payment options that are available at the TradInvestor platform are not particularly admirable. You can use a credit or a debit card, for which the processing times can vary depending on your bank. There is also the bank wire transfer option, which takes even longer - up to several business days. They also accept BTC as a form of payment, but for this, you will have to open your e-wallet separately from the platform.

Also, for each of these payment options, there are different strings attached that come in the form of fees. For credit cards, there is a $10 fee, while for the bank wire the fee is quite high at $50. Also, for this payment option, you will have to withdraw at least $500, which is, again, much higher than the industry average.

TradInvestor review

Now, you should brace yourself for this next part, because it’s only going to go downhill from here. Namely, the minimum deposit for trading is at $2.500. How is that possible? How can anyone afford to trade with such high requirements, especially with a newly established broker? The same amount is required to make a simple and basic account, so we can not begin to imagine what are the requirements for the gold or VIP account.

Support and Assistance SCORE: 34%

TradInvestor is not an easy broker to reach. Namely, they do not list any phone number on their page which you can call. There is also no live chat option available, which is a real shame considering that it is the most popular one in the industry. Rather, you can only contact their customer support agents by writing them an e-mail or filling out the form on the website.

The agents are only available during working days, so if you wish to trade on the weekends, you are left on your own. There is also no useful information to find on the Frequently Asked Questions page, which is another huge downside. The waiting times for them to reply to your e-mail can go up to several business days, and they should really change that. The live chat option is required in today’s hectic environment, so we recommend them implement it as soon as possible.

Education and Tools SCORE: 46%

The educational section of TradeInvestor is not particularly admirable. They only have two separate parts of the website that briefly explain a few information about trading Forex and cryptocurrencies. This section clearly lacks dedication and it is not even updated regularly. In addition, the information that are listed here can be found anywhere else online, even on Wikipedia.

Overall, this section could definitely use a lot of improvement. Though the articles are fun and easy to read, a lot of educational tools are still lacking. There are no tutorials, market news or any type of expert analysis. We acknowledge that TradInvestor is new in the business, but they still have a long way to go before becoming a reliable broker.

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