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I am a licensed marketing professional, so whenever I see a brand that is advertised at so many different places at the same time, I have to ask myself - is that really necessary? You see, when you have a good project or a product in your hands, there is no amount of promotion that will get it on the top spot. Rather, its own actions and accomplishments will speak for it.

So when you look at it like that, I learned that usually the products that are advertised by shoving them down the clients’ throats, it usually means that they have something huge and scamming to hide. And boy, does have a lot of it to hide under the rug! Thankfully, I was able to spot all of the mistakes and frauds that this company carefully implements into its everyday operations, hoping to scam the innocent traders like you and me.

Platform and Execution SCORE: 24% was originally designed as a European project for exchanging cryptocurrencies. Coincidentally enough, you won’t find any of the reputable crypto coins available for buying and selling. No Bitcoin, no Ethereum, not even Litecoin. Pretty weird, huh? When you dig deeper into this poorly designed platform, you will also notice that the interface of this website looks like something out of a MySpace vault. A few of the badly constructed passages and flashy ads everywhere - sign of a really poor taste, if you ask me.

Also, what particularly caught my eye is that this trading platform does not accept US clients. And as we all know, the US market doesn’t play around. The United States is actually one of the harshest countries when it comes to regulation. Even their own president is pretty vocal about cryptocurrencies and how scamming they are - which makes me think he was actually talking about in mind.

Withdrawal Speed SCORE: 16%

The first thing you should know about this fraudulent platform is that it imposes the minimum of deposits for cryptocurrency exchanges. Also, in an attempt to seem legitimate and VIP, I guess, they put this scamming condition in check where you need to be INVITED TO PARTICIPATE IN TRADING. What the hell? I thought that the crypto industry was all about inclusivity, but what do I know?

This alone still wouldn’t be such a strange or big disadvantage, but when you try to withdraw your funds… oh, boy. First, you will get bombarded by phone calls from brokers who waited on your hand and foot, now practically blackmailing you to deposit even more. “I just want my money, guys” I tried to explain politely. But they kept going on and on about new opportunities and whatnot, missing my point entirely and not even listening to me.

Support and Assistance SCORE: 31%

Remember those pushy brokers I talked about in the previous passage? Well, when you actually need them, there are nowhere to be found. Actually, when I tried reaching them either through phone, e-mail, or a live chat, I either got radio silence or some poor excuse about a holiday or working hours that are always somehow different from the time that I am calling them. is simply pitiful!

So I decided to check out their FAQ page or some sort of an on-site help center - no such luck. Namely, they don’t even have this section available! If you want to engage with this platform, which at this point I don’t understand why would you - you will have to dive headfirst and hope for the best.

Education and Tools SCORE: 45%

When it comes to the educational section at, I was pretty surprised to find quite a decent page. First, you have different reviews and explanations on how cryptocurrencies work and how you can buy or sell them. But as you read on, you will also find the latest news on the global crypto exchange markets, which was quite helpful to me. However, compared to what I’ve seen in the previous section, this wasn’t nearly enough to make me stay and give a chance.

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