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Stockscm review


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When it comes to new and exciting platforms that are emerging, this broker has immediately caught my attention and that why I decided to write this StocksCM review. And don’t get me wrong, I’m not the one to jump on the band wagon whenever a new thing comes up. Rather, I like to take my time with finding the right platform. In the past, I mostly relied on the well-established platforms that everyone else trusted, as well. However, as my tastes changed and improved, I quickly realized that I need to carve my own path. So, I needed a platform that does that for itself, too.

Platform and Execution SCORE: 80%

This platform prides itself with inclusivity and unique approach it takes towards all the clients. No matter what you are hoping to achieve, Stockscm will have a solution for you. If you are a beginner, like I once was, you will find encouragement among rich educational tools to take away any doubt. On the other hand, if you are a successful trading pro – you are also more than welcome. Share your knowledge and wisdom with other traders, or discover new things that are just starting to catch on. I remember being a beginner trader once. And boy, that was the most frustrating thing ever! I didn’t know left from right, so a platform like Stockscm would certainly come in handy for me back then.

Nevertheless, here we are now, so I might as well share my knowledge and experience. Speaking of the trading platform, there isn’t much to say about it that is not already obvious. Namely, you can easily scroll through different assets within the platform and find the asset that interests you. And if the design keeps your eyes twitching, change it! The platform is customizable, so there are several themes you can choose from to rest your eyes and focus them on the prize!

Stockscm review

Withdrawal Speed SCORE: 75%

Efficiency is key, and Stockscm platform is well aware of that. That’s why they apply top-notch technologies to provide you with the fastest solutions for all your withdrawal and deposit goals. In its true nature, Stockscm assures the fastest withdrawal process in only a few minutes. All your data are always safely stored, and your funds are at your disposal.

Still, what threw me off is that Stockscm only offers a handful of payment options. Those are the credit cards (Visa and Master Card), wire transfers and a few of the e-wallets. Still, I was able to look past this, since the platform is quite new. So, I decided to give them a break (for now).

Support and Assistance SCORE: 65%

When it comes to customer support and assistance, Stockscm is always available for their traders. No matter what issue comes up along the way, you can rest assured that the helpful staff will have the patience and the knowledge to guide you out of the dark. This is crucial when asking for support and help – making people sure that their questions are acknowledged and that their needs are important as everyone else’s.

I know myself, and I used to be quite hesitant at asking for help. Especially when I was starting out, which was the time I needed it the most! So, Stockscm acknowledges that there are still many traders that feel and think the same way I once did. This is why they have a quite welcoming contacting page, which I was able to fill out within a few seconds, and sent it out briefly. The response was quite efficient and helpful, which is mostly not the case, especially with the new and upcoming trading platforms.

As a matter of fact, the response was so in-depth that I didn’t need to send any additional questions. I received all those details that were necessary, the agent that sent a reply was polite enough to explain everything to me and we did chat for a little bit more because I wanted to be sure that the customer support was polite enough.

Well, I can tell you for sure, they are. During those couple of minutes, an agent was equally polite as at the beginning. He kept answering my questions without any pressure, so I didn’t feel like I was wasting someone's time.

Keep in mind that this is extremely important since it’s not a usual thing for a broker to create a team of customer representatives that cannot provide you with a simple answer. Things are different here and if you need anything, feel free to reach out to them.

Stockscm review

Education and Tools SCORE: 86%

Stockscm offers its traders a variety of different trading tools and educational assets. From e-books of handy trading terms to in-depth analysis of the latest trading events, you name it. Whether you are a visual learner or you feel safer with numbers, Stockscm has a solution. With their rich vault of market data, economic developments, charts and graphs, each trader is able to build up the skills and knowledge to take over the trading market.

What particularly caught my attention was the Glossary section. It is really well done and interactive! It serves as a dictionary of all the most important trading terms. You just need to click the letter, and the list of terms will present itself to you, explained in a simple and easily understandable language.

Stockscm review

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