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Man Capital Group is a new name on our radar that has been drawing more and more attention lately, and for a very good reason. Namely, this company has been getting traction as a new kid on the block, and that is a tough thing to live up to. In other words, the company needs to prove itself to be reliable so that the clients will decide to invest with it. Also, this requires some time and patience, because the first impression is not the only thing that matters. So, how does Man Capital Group manage to work on this in such a hectic trading environment we are witnessing today? Let’s dive deeper into this Man Capital Group review to find out what the company is all about, and can you really rely on it.

This trading company is clearly on its way to becoming influential and a top spot to be. It has it all, or at least it seems like it at a first glance - a great looking (and functioning) trading platform, fast executions, and a lot of educational materials. But, is this enough for Man Capital Group to become your number one?

Platform and Execution SCORE: 86%

The Man Capital Group trading platform is fully optimized and automated, which makes your job a lot easier. Namely, you won’t have to endlessly scroll to find one thing or the other, nor will you have to download it to fit any device you are currently using. The Man Capital Group team has made sure to create a trading platform that will fit all the clients’ expectations, backgrounds, and levels of experience. As a result, you have a highly advanced and functioning platform on your hands to build your dream trading career with.

Man Capital Group Review

When you visit the platform, you will find over 200 tradeable assets in total to try your luck (and skills) with. They include all the usual asset classes and groups you are used to - CFDs, stocks, Forex, cryptocurrencies, indices, and commodities. Let’s talk about each one of them for a second.

CFDs are highly popular assets for trading especially in the past couple of years. The main reason for that is the fact that you do not have to actually own an underlying asset in order to trade it. Rather, you are speculating on its price - whether it will go up or down. Based on the difference (hence the name - Contract for difference) you can acquire a significant amount of profits.

Forex is the most liquid market in the world and it is attracting so many new clients each day. The market is always open and welcoming to all, and you don’t need any experience to trade here, which is a great advantage.

Indices and commodities are considered “traditional” trading assets and they certainly have a lot to offer in terms of security and high profitability over time. Cryptocurrencies, or digital currencies, are able to bring your portfolio to the next level. They are highly profitable but also risky, which is why many of the clients are still a bit hesitant to trade with them. But the ones that dare to do so experience huge surges in profits in a brief period of time.

Aside from the many trading assets, you can also find a lot of advantages in terms of trading signals and tools. Also, there is a lot of useful information about margin, leverage, and other requirements that are useful to learn before you begin trading. Overall, it is important to get all this information beforehand, so you can create your trading strategy accordingly.

Withdrawal Speed SCORE: 67%

The payment methods that you can use at this company to make deposits and withdrawals include the standard ones. The bank wire transfer takes about 4 business days to process your withdrawal requests, while credit and debit cards are a bit faster than that with up to 2 business days. The e-wallets are definitely the handiest option around considering that they are able to process all these requests instantly, no matter what the amount is. You should also note that all deposits are processed instantly as well, regardless of the payment method you choose.

Man Capital Group Review

This process may require you to provide some additional information to prove your identity and make this process safer and easier for their team. This way, you are making sure that your information and data are safe, which is crucial. Man Capital Group is well aware of that, which is another great example of how a brand should be in this day and age in the trading industry.

Support and Assistance SCORE: 74%

If you want to reach the customer support team at this company, you can use several communication channels to do so. The first one is the live chat option, which is able to connect you with an agent within few seconds. Then, you can use the email option too, but it will take a few hours to get a reply. Lastly, there is also the telephone number you can dial, so whatever your preferences are, you should have no trouble finding your way and getting assistance.

Man Capital Group Review

Man Capital Group is definitely a place to be in today’s market. It has a lot to offer to its international clients, including things like fast execution of all trades and safe processing of all payments. This is a great advantage for all clients, but for the team who deals with these things, too. It makes this process safer and more secure, which is quite important because it contributes to the better functioning of the entire trading landscape. This is not an easy thing to achieve, either - which is why it is essential to have a good company to rely on.

Education and Tools SCORE: 95%

A big part of this section are the account types. At this company, there are 6 account types in total. You can choose any of them based on your personal preferences, experience, or budget, there are no limitations here. The only thing you have to do is satisfy the minimum deposit requirement, which depends on how high you want to go.

Man Capital Group Review

The first one is called the Self managed account type, and it requires a small minimum deposit of $250. With it, you will have standard access to all tradeable assets and everything that the trading platform has to offer. Then there is the Basic account with higher leverage and a few educational lessons to make your trading easier as you go along. The Gold and Platinum accounts, which minimum deposit requirements of $10.000 and $25.000, respectively, definitely give you a lot more choices when it comes to transactions and bonuses. The Diamond account offers a lot more privilege and priority when it comes to processing transactions, while the VIP account comes only with an invitation, and its abilities are unknown. So, we can only imagine how far you can go with it! But it is only reserved for the most trusted clients, so we will leave you to find out about that for yourself.

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