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Genius IG Review


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Searching for a suitable trading company for your needs can be quite challenging these days. And yes, there are more choices than ever today when it comes to brokerages, but that does not make your job easier. In the crowd of all these names, there are more than a few that are slipping through the cracks and getting away with a lot of shady stuff. This includes things such as identity theft, fraud, and money laundering, which are becoming more and more common in the online world.

So, how can we all combat these issues and prevent them from happening? It is not an easy task, but there are a lot of reputable brands working with law enforcement and setting their own examples of how a broker company should look like. One of them is called Genius IG, and it is astonishing how much this broker has contributed to the cause. The company takes a lot of care and puts in the effort to provide you safety and security during each process of trading, making it easier for you to trade freely and efficiently. Also, the company provides fast execution through a variety of trading tools and banking methods, which we will talk about in this Genius IG review. So, stick around to find out all about this company.

Genius IG Review

Platform and Execution SCORE: 65%

A trading platform is the main spot you will be spending most of your time during trading, so it needs to satisfy the highest requirements of both the clients and the trading industry as a whole. So, what does the Genius IG trading platform tell us? For starters, it is evident that the platform is easy to use and straight to the point, which is always a plus in our book. There is no clutter of information that distracts you from your main goal, which is achieving the best possible results when it comes to trading a variety of assets. Also, it is a huge advantage for the clients who are here for the first time, since they don’t have to waste time scrolling and searching for different features.

Genius IG Review

This web-based platform is available on all devices and operating systems, which definitely saves a lot of time. You can just visit it and trade freely no matter where you are, which is a great benefit. When you enter it, you will learn that there are over 200 different assets available for your use, including CFDs, stocks, and Forex. By combining these assets, you can significantly improve your portfolio and create an appealing and admirable trading career ahead of you.

Overall, the company has a lot to offer when it comes to the trading platform, which is an important thing to note right away. The platform loads instantly and without any delays, and it is obvious to us that you will have a lot of great experiences while using it. The variety of trading tools and signals that are available will make it easier for all the clients to find their way and creating a trading strategy that will suit them perfectly.

Withdrawal Speed SCORE: 89%

The process of funding your account at this company is quite simple and more importantly, safe for your information and money. You can use the standard payment options here such as bank wire transfer, credit and debit cards, and e-wallets. You should keep in mind that all the deposits are processed instantly and safely, no matter the amount or the payment method you use. The withdrawals are a different story, but that is precisely for your safety, as we already mentioned.

Namely, the e-wallets are only available to provide instant processing for withdrawals. They are also considered the safest option in the world of online payments. Next, we have the credit and debit cards option as well, and the waiting times here depend mostly on the policy of your bank. Lastly, the bank wire transfer is a bit more demanding, since it requires additional information and documents, so it takes the longest to process your withdrawal request, too.

Support and Assistance SCORE: 78%

From our experience, Genius IG is a great trading company to jump-start your career at. The variety of trading tools and assets will allow you to make different choices and try out different things until you find the perfect combination for your strategy and portfolio. Also, this company takes pride in providing safety and efficiency for all its transactions and processes, which is something you should definitely keep in mind when searching for the best one. Genius IG is a company that definitely stands out in our eyes, as well as in the trading community.

Genius IG Review

Education and Tools SCORE: 82%

There are six account types at this company for you to choose from, which is plenty compared to the majority of other companies. They are designed in a way that fits the different preferences of the Genius IG clients, no matter how experienced they are. They also suit different needs in terms of budget, which is an important thing to keep in mind when it comes to your financial future and independence.

Genius IG Review

The first account type you can trade with is called Self Managed account. You should know right away that just because this is the first one, doesn’t matter that you cannot go for a bigger one. For example, if you are trading at this company for the first time but already have some previous experience trading, you can go straight to the Gold or the Platinum account. The only requirement you need to satisfy is the minimum deposit. So, if you have the coins and you are willing to spend them - do not hesitate!

Back to the account types. The Self Managed account type comes with the minimum deposit requirement of $250 and a leverage of 1:100. You should note that the leverage grows as you go through different account types, so that is another advantage as well. The next account type is called Basic, and it is quite similar to the previous one except that it also includes things such as bonus funds and better spreads.

The Gold and the Platinum account come with minimum deposit requirements of $10.000 and $25.000, respectively. With them, you will have your own personal account manager that is available for your questions and guidance. Also, the variety of educational material with these account types is much wider than with previous examples.

The Diamond account requires you to deposit $50.000, and it gives you astonishing trading conditions and benefits when it comes to leverage, margin, and spreads. Lastly, the Libra account type comes with an invitation only, so it is reserved for the most trusted clients. We can only imagine what the trading conditions and benefits here are since they are hidden from the general public visiting the website. Guess you will have to wait for your own invitation to arrive and find that out!

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