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When the phenomenon Darwinex was first introduced to the trading community by a couple of Spanish inventors, it created quite a wave within the trading world. I remember missing that wave completely, and feeling pretty sad about it later like I was missing something. Luckily for me, the only thing a was missing was the opportunity to be scammed out of my entire life savings.

Even though this company prides itself on being a social trading platform, when you really dig into it, you will notice that the “social” part is practically missing completely. Rather, Darwinex offers us a chance to dwell in the copy trading, but with a twist. The twist that I’m talking about is the fact that the traders’ strategies are hidden within a system called simply Darwin. So, if you wish to copy the trades of other clients, good luck! You will basically be gambling with your life, because you see the results, but have no idea how a certain trader actually achieved it.

Platform and Execution SCORE: 45%

When it comes to the trading platform, everything you will see is represented in a form that supports this Darwin system that the company developed. The main purpose of a Darwin is to provide clients’ safety of information and funds, as I was able to gather from my experience. All in all, this isn’t such a bad thing.

However, I definitely noticed a lack of old, traditional trading platform which lists all of the assets I can trade. It took some digging to find them, and although I am a patient guy - I assume the majority of clients don’t want to go through so many obstacles. It takes a bit more clicking than you are probably used to, which was a bit off-putting to me. Some of my friends, however, found it soothing, so I will let you decide on your own if this is a good or a bad feature of the Darwinex.

Withdrawal Speed SCORE: 19%

What threw me off my guard in a negative way was the fact that Darvinex offers a single option of withdrawing your funds, and that is a bank transfer. Now, that wouldn’t be such a bad thing, but considering each bank has its own policy, you are basically left on your own to find out when and if your funds will available for you to withdraw them.

One other disappointing thing about Darwinex is the fact that you can only withdraw the amount that you originally deposited. I was so disgusted by this feature! It’s my money, after all! That’s when things started to heat up and take an ugly turn, at least in my experience.

Support and Assistance SCORE: 13%

Onto my next point, when I wanted to make a full withdrawal of my funds, I was met with a surprising revelation that I can only withdraw a certain amount. “What the hell” I remembered thinking to myself while I was dialing the number for the customer support they provided on the website.

I was immediately met with a response, which was quite reassuring. However, I guess I spoke too soon. The agent that answered my call was quite rude and impatient, he basically made me feel like I was stupid for not realizing it before. After the conversation was over, I immediately filed a complaint to their manager, but haven’t gotten a reply to this day.

Education and Tools SCORE: 25%

When it comes to education, there isn’t a particular section you can turn to if you want to learn anything about Darwinex or its principles of trading. Rather, there is a whole clutter of information that is scattered within the home page, which I found quite confusing. In addition, there are no tutorials, e-books, or other useful tools on which you can rely on when you engage in trading. This is a huge minus in my book.

Still, I have to give them props for a well-designed website, if nothing else. Still, I think that a proper educational section is more than necessary.

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