College for Trading review

College for Trading review


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College for Trading Benefits SCORE: 68%

Have you ever wanted to learn all the basics of trading that can often seem more intimidating than encouraging and welcoming? It’s true - when you are entering something so alluring and different from anything you’ve ever experienced before, it can seem like you are all alone in the world with no one to guide you. Luckily, there is a new kid in town to help you with this! A brand new trading academy to fulfill all your needs for knowledge and advancement in the trading world! College for Trading is here to guide you through all the hardships you may face along the way, as well as show you how to utilize your many strengths in the best way possible!

Namely, this trading academy was designed specifically to fit all your needs and wishes for your trading future, no matter how skilled you are at trading. Even better - if you do not have any prior experience, this is the best way to begin! Simply, you will be able to learn everything from the basics and work your way up without any distractions or false information that you might have picked up along the way if you started learning elsewhere. So, let’s dive deeper into this College for Trading review to see exactly what this academy has to offer.

College for Trading review

Course Offering at College for Trading SCORE: 92%

There are several courses to find at this trading academy. They are based on your previous experience and knowledge of the trading world. So, if you haven’t had any prior image of what trading looks or feels like, we suggest you begin with the Introduction Courses. Here, the academy covers the most common ways to trade and recognize the best trading asset for your portfolio. They also teach things like basic trading terms that are a part of everyday trading lingo, which is something you should also note. All of these tutorials consist of helpful videos, so you can follow them easily and watch them as many times as you want!

College for Trading review

Then, when you are certain that you covered your ground, you can continue to other, more advanced courses. This section includes things such as explanations about CFDs and stocks, as well as tutorials on different marketing strategies. Here you will also find a handy explanation on cryptocurrencies, which is a market that is yet to make a big breakthrough!

Learning Plans at College for Trading SCORE: 74%

This academy allows you to access these education materials through different learning plans. Namely, there are four of them in total, and each brings something special to the mix. For starters, the Free plan gives you access to a single introductory course. This is a great way to try out the academy and see what works for you before you make a financial commitment.

Then, when you are ready to proceed to the next level, you will find that the Bronze plan is perfect for you. It requires a $250 minimum deposit and offers 5 introductory courses with so many different benefits. The Gold plan with a minimum deposit requirement of $450 gives you no less than 7 learning courses, as well as 8 eBooks to carry with you! Lastly, the VIP plan requires a smaller bump from the last one - a $500 minimum deposit. With this plan, there is no limitation as to what you can achieve, since you will have full access to everything that College for Trading has to offer.

College for Trading Support Center SCORE: 81%

College for Trading review

What should you do when you require additional assistance that the website material is not able to offer? Worry not, because College for Trading has got you covered! There are several ways to reach out to their customer support team in case you encounter any issue or require advice on how to proceed. For starters, you can send them an e-mail and explain the problem you are facing. The reply will come within 2-4 business days, which is more than efficient if you ask us. Then, there is also the phone number you can use to talk to the agents, as well as a physical address in case you want to send them documents or any additional information that they may require to provide you with the best service they can!

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